UK Transport Awards 2024

SME News- UK Transport Awards 2024 / 4 We recently spent some time with Jaama to understand what makes them stand out as worthy winners of Best Fleet Management Software at the UK Transport Awards in 2024 and this is what we found. Jaama is a software innovator that creates award-winning products for managing vehicles and assets within the fleet, leasing and hire sectors. Through constant evolution, Jaama designs best in class solutions to deliver an unparalleled customer experience. Its customers enjoy seamless integration, greater control and the effortless automation of resource-heavy processes which reduces fleet running costs, improves operating efficiencies and ensures legislative compliance of both drivers and vehicles. It’s worth noting that managing the company’s vehicle fleet is right up there in terms of expenditure and usually figures as the second largest expense after personnel costs. With this in mind, Jaama has developed Key2, recognised industry-wide as the most advanced and flexible, online fleet management system available today. Designed for all fleet sizes and budgets, Key2 is fully scalable and is used by a complete spectrum of companies – some with small vehicle fleets, whilst others use it as a complete business solution to manage thousands of vehicles and assets. Key2 QuickStart designed for today’s SME For some time now the smaller fleets have largely been left wanting when it comes to the provision of affordable, leading edge technology solutions to help manage their vehicle fleet requirements. These are uncertain times, worsened by spiralling fleet costs, ever increasing compliance regulation and the Net Zero objectives looming larger than ever on the fleet world’s horizon. For the typical UK fleet manager, they are facing these challenges with inadequate tools and resources and crushing deadlines. The usual scenario for Fleet Manager UK is an Excel spreadsheet, ill-suited legacy systems or worse. The answer is Key2 QuickStart, specifically designed for sub 100 car and commercial vehicle fleets. The key benefits of Key2 QuickStart include: • Software that is easy to use and far simpler than spreadsheets • It is one centralised system to manage all of your fleet activity from acquisition to disposal • The powerful reporting facility allows you to monitor your carbon footprint and manage and plan accordingly • The process to import vehicle, driver and fuel data is simple and straightforward • Key2 QuickStart ultilises the cloud to store data, guaranteeing complete security and no risk of data loss • It includes a new vehicle and driver app into which drivers input data and images remotely, and fleet departments access all this information real-time through the system This comprehensive all-in-one system features a dashboard, which is configurable depending on your requirements, and provides access to key, high level data. It allows you to see exactly what you need to on a daily basis, such as MOT’s and servicing due, licence checks, vehicle defects and much, much more. The key fleet activity covered includes: • Driver management • Vehicle and asset management • Commercial vehicle management • Service, maintenance and repair • Driver licence checking Other available modules include: • Import studio – reduces manual data input and ensures data accuracy • Accident management and risk profiling – simplifies the identification of high risk drivers • Defect reporting – accelerates the smart scheduling of work and minimises downtime • DVLA vehicle lookup – saves hours of manual data entry and admin Key2 QuickStart comes with a handy app which allows drivers to record images of any known defects, accidents or their daily walkaround check and vehicle mileage readings. These images and details are shared instantly through the system real-time, thereby enabling the team to manage the process remotely with complete visibility, and with the added benefit that a comprehensive audit trail has been created. Equally the app can also push information out to drivers to keep them fully informed. To further support the fleet sector, here are the services that are included with Key2 QuickStart: • Key2 QuickStart can be implemented and fully functioning in as little as seven days, bringing operational benefits quickly • Bi-annual software updates are included so that users can enjoy the newest functionality instantly • The largest dedicated support team in the fleet industry, on hand to answer queries via the telephone or email • The system acts as a central resource for all the documentation and system information you need • Training to get the team up to speed quickly and to accommodate changes in personnel or system functionality • An assigned Customer Experience Manager dedicated to understanding your requirements and ensuring the maximum benefit is derived from the system All of this rich functionality is now available to all fleets regardless of size and budget. Case Study: Werfen Werfen is one of the latest companies to join Jaama’s growing portfolio of fleet clients Werfen provides vital services through their best in class diagnostic solutions for hospitals and clinical laboratories to process patient blood samples. Through the use of their systems they are ensuring better patient care and improvements in healthcare efficiency. Best Fleet Management Software Company 2024