UK Transport Awards 2024

SME News- UK Transport Awards 2024 / 6 An essential component of supply chain management, logistics involves the planning and coordination of the conveyance of goods and services from the point of origin to the point of consumption in a smooth, timely, cost-effective, and reliable manner. Many companies choose to use thirdparty logistics providers, who handle a variety of supply chain functions on their behalf, in order to save time and money, scale their operations with more flexibility, and gain expertise and knowledge. Daygard Logistics Group is a well-established third-party logistics provider with roots that date back to 2003, when Freight Movers International (FMI) was created to handle imports from China. By 2004, the company had expanded significantly and began handling both imports and exports to and from many international locations. Over the years, FMI built strong relationships with some of the biggest agents in various countries, leading to solid year-onyear growth. As a result, Cargo Movers International (CMI) was formed in 2008 to provide further logistics solutions and services, followed closely in 2009 by the establishment of Daygard Clearances (DGC) to provide complete import customs clearance services. Finally, in 2017, World Freight Movement (WFM) was founded as a result of Daygard Logistics Group’s growing global reputation. The organisation’s vision has always been to become a leader in its field, delivering total customer satisfaction through competitive pricing, skilled personnel, and IT innovations. Since its inception, Daygard Logistics Group has successfully grown into one of the largest independent NVOCC’s in the UK, not only covering all major trade lanes but also running more direct weekly services than many others. The Group sets itself apart from its competitors in a number of ways. For example, the majority of cargo handled by its FMI and CMI brands are on terms regulated in the UK, leading to better control over the charges paid by clients. Today, Daygard Logistics Group continues to provide its clients with tailored logistics solutions and services that perfectly meet their needs, focusing on the specific requirements of niche sectors and industries. Headquartered in West Thurrock, Daygard Logistics Group is a third-party logistics provider specialising in the provision of logistics management, warehouse, and freight transportation services, both domestically and internationally. The Group’s companies include NVOCCs Freight Movers International (FMI), Cargo Movers International (CMI), and World Freight Movement (WFM), as well as customs clearance division Daygard Clearances (DGC). Here, we dive deeper into Daygard Logistics Group’s work following its recognition in the UK Transport Awards 2024. Most Innovative Logistics Solutions Company 2024 - South East England