UK Transport Awards 2024

As a third-party logistics provider, the company’s mission is to fulfil clients’ supply chain requirements by combining integrated systems with logistics services like transportation, warehousing, cross-docking, inventory management, packaging, and freight forwarding. Specifically, Daygard Logistics Group’s service portfolio includes domestic and international site removals, hospitality logistics, supply chain management, project management, logistics solutions for hotel and facility refurbishments and openings, purchase order management, online documentation management, and packing. Using the company’s online systems, clients can monitor and manage their shipments from origin to destination, for example by producing reports and uploading their own documentation when needed. By investing in its technology and workforce, embracing innovation, and remaining adaptable to change, Daygard Logistics Group cements its continued ability to meet the ever-evolving demands of an increasingly connected world. For example, in the last 12 months, the company has implemented a number of digital technologies and introduced new sustainable solutions, responding to the UK transport industry’s increased focus on the environment and digitalisation. Furthermore, Daygard Logistics Group is equipped with an extensive overseas network that spans over 90 countries across the globe. In collaboration with these partners, the company is able to offer a reliable and seamless service across the entire supply chain. Internally, Daygard Logistics Group’s culture is centred around its core values of excellence, customer satisfaction, and convenient, user-friendly transportation services. To foster the team’s ability to embody these values in their work, the company strives to promote continuous learning. It encourages employees to grow, acquire new skills, and advance their careers by offering them the opportunity to engage in training programmes, mentorship opportunities, and support for professional development. Alongside this, Daygard Logistics Group is dedicated to the wellbeing of its employees, recognising that their physical, mental, and emotional health are essential both for their individual progression and the success of the organisation as a whole. For this reason, it promotes work-life balance, offers resources for stress management, and creates a supportive work environment. Daygard Logistics Group also fosters accountability and ownership amongst its workforce, encouraging team members to take responsibility for their actions and demonstrate commitment to the organisation’s mission and goals. Finally, the company understands the importance of recognising and appreciating the work of its employees, which significantly contributes towards morale and motivation. For this reason, it implements programmes and initiatives designed to celebrate individual and collective achievements, acknowledge efforts, and express gratitude. Thanks to the hard work of its team and their unfailing ability to evolve and adapt to the transport sector’s continuous industry developments, Daygard Logistics Group has been recognised in the UK Transport Awards 2024, receiving the title of Most Innovative Logistics Solutions Company. In the years ahead, there is no doubt that the organisation looks towards a bright future as it strives to grow both organically and through acquisition. Contact Details Contact: Rory Munday Company: Daygard Logistics Group Web Address: