UK Transport Awards 2024

SME News- UK Transport Awards 2024 / 8 Most Trusted Driving School 2024 - Hampshire Learning to drive is arguably one of the most daunting processes one must go through to achieve independence, and finding the perfect driving instructor is simply essential for success in such a life-changing venture. Promising to be a driving school upon which learners of all ages can depend is none other than Rachel’s Driving School. Offering lessons in both manual and automatic cars alike, the school represents the very best of Hampshire’s driving education sphere, whether students are able bodied or in need of additional assistance. Regardless, Rachel’s Driving School grants new drivers access to a small team of friendly instructors, each eager to get learners on the road at their own pace. Since December 2008, Rachel Hicks has been a qualified driving instructor whose prowess in the field certainly didn’t go unnoticed. Despite her continuous learning and dedication to honing her skills, it became increasingly clear that her calling transcended teaching learner drivers alone. So, in 2012, she became an independent driving school – one that, at the time, oversaw her teaching learner drivers and aspiring driving instructors alike. Fast forward to the present day, and Rachel’s Driving School now stands as a paragon of excellence in helping both able bodied and disabled learners finally get themselves on the road. With two qualified driving instructors – each taught by Rachel herself – on-hand to uplift the next generation of road savvy students, the school has quickly become synonymous with reliability. Partnered with the fact that it’s capable of both automatic and manual driving lessons, Rachel’s Driving School is easily the area’s top pick for anybody looking for an empathetic driving instructor who holds patience and kindness in abundance. One such instructor is Clive Davis, who covers the Basingstoke and Farnborough test centres, as well as the surrounding areas. Having wished to be a driving instructor since the early 1990’s, Clive possessed an incomparable ambition that would propel him forward in this exciting venture. Even when he broke his back in 1991 and became classed as a disabled driver, Clive integrated this into his teaching style in order to cater to the needs of learners who may struggle in a traditional car. This integration takes the form of an adapted vehicle, perfectly outfitted for those who are physically unable to operate a manual car. Though he offers automatic lessons to able bodied drivers, Clive thrives when working with the school’s disabled students – as someone who can fully understand their struggles, he utilises an empathetic and enthusiastic approach that ultimately encourages individuals to look beyond their restrictions. Instead of telling people what they can’t do, Rachel’s Driving School exists to instead turn its pupils’ attention towards what they can accomplish in spite of their disabilities. In addition to Clive, Rachel’s Driving School reflects passion in abundance through its second instructor, Josh Tilley. Having always hoped to share his passion for driving with others, Josh sought to become a driving instructor in order to realise this goal. Helping students in obtaining a license was where Josh wished to specialise, but, for the most part, he didn’t know where to begin. It wasn’t until he met Rachel that he finally found his answer – after only a year of training alongside Rachel herself, Josh became a qualified instructor who was finally equipped with the means to change lives. Josh truly believes in the potential of every individual, and this is effortlessly portrayed through his engaging and encouraging approach. Rachel’s Driving School has rapidly become the most reliable driving school within the area, and a simple glance at its impressive repertoire makes it easy to see why. Never once has it faltered in believing in its students, allowing it to capture the fun of driving, no matter the student. It’s for this very reason that Rachel’s Driving School has come to earn itself the title of Most Trusted Driving School 2024 – Hampshire, and we can’t wait to see how it progresses in the near future. Contact: Rachel Hicks Company: Rachel’s Driving School Web Address: