UK Transport Awards 2024

Advanced Journey Chauffeuring offers unparalleled luxury travel experiences with nationwide chauffeur services, taking the stress out of journeys so that clients can travel in comfort and style. Whether clients are corporate, high profile, or private individuals, AJC takes risk-assessed and efficient routes to ensure clients can sit back, relax, and focus on their destination. Recognised in this year’s UK Transport Awards, Advanced Journey Chauffeuring provides A-list clients with confidential journeys and luxurious experiences. Best Luxury Executive Private Chauffeuring Business 2024 - UK Based in Staffordshire, AJC has adopted a customer-centric approach, offering a personalised service that makes every journey incredible. AJC Chauffeurs are professionally trained Police Advanced Drivers and Armed Convoy Drivers with years of professional driving experience and have been involved in royal visits and many high-profile operations. Its chauffeurs’ professionalism and meticulous attention to detail aligns with the business’s commitment to complete client satisfaction. Amongst AJC’s immaculate executive vehicles are the Mercedes S Class, a sleek luxury saloon, and Mercedes V Class SevenSeater with unrivalled space and multiple seat combinations. AJC is dedicated to understanding the needs of its clients and has gained accreditations to demonstrate its commitment to quality, confidentiality, and ethical practices. In the ever-evolving UK transport industry, market trends have turned towards sustainable travel measures and low emission zones. While it is not possible to immediately transform its entire fleet into electric vehicles AJC is considering changes as each vehicle approaches replacement. AJC’s journeys are designed to take the shortest or least congested routes, ensuring the business runs as sustainably as possible. The company also focuses on consumption of fuels and checking emissions zones to alert clients about increased fees. Kevin O’Mara, Managing Director at AJC, says, “The UK transport market has faced massive cost issues with fuel and low emission zone fees, and there is a push for greener transport alternatives and a higher take-up of tech. Driver and skills shortages are an issue for the industry too, and we try to counter this by speaking with people leaving the police force and demonstrating the benefits of a new career path as a chauffeur. AJC tries to align its business operations with the changes in the transport sector, making savings to offset rising costs, looking at greener alternatives, and pivoting to meet changes in clients’ needs.” AJC is passionate about maintaining exceptional quality standards and prides itself on investing in its professional staff and their personal development. The company seeks chauffeurs who not only drive well but also behave in a professional manner. While driving skills and effective decision making are essential, drivers must also provide a personalised experience that brings customers back time and time again. As a business, AJC strives to deliver superior services and incorporate the latest innovations into its operations. Prior to the pandemic, AJC was primarily focused on serving the hospitality sector which was one of the most significantly impacted. The company has since evolved to provide services to A-list clients from entertainment, business, politics, and sport. By diversifying its services, AJC is not reliant on a single sector and is more likely to receive repeat business. Over the coming year, AJC plans to expand its team by recruiting more retired officers, maintain its ISO standards, and focus on creating a stronger digital presence. Advanced Journey Chauffeuring invites clients to sit back and enjoy the ride with its award-winning chauffeuring services. Its esteemed chauffeurs are professionally trained to make every journey as comfortable and seamless as possible while prioritising clients’ safety and security. In its beautiful vehicles, corporate clients and high-profile individuals will experience the height of luxury and arrive stress-free at their destination. Propelled by core values of quality, confidentiality, and sustainability, AJC provides A-list clients with unrivalled executive chauffeur services. For its luxurious experiences, we have bestowed on Advanced Journey Chauffeuring this year’s award for Best Luxury Executive Private Chauffeuring Business – UK. Contact Details: Contact: Kevin O’Mara Company: Advanced Journey Chauffeuring Limited Web Address: https://