Welsh Enterprise Awards 2018

12 SME NEWS / Welsh Enterprise Awards 2018 , Based in Pontypool, Weston FMGroup provides a wide range of integrated security services to organisations across the private and public sectors, including retail, financial, industrial, and other commercial sectors. To showcase the firm’s success in ourWelsh Enterprise Awards for 2018 we profiled it and explored how it came to win one of these prestigious accolades. Best Full-Service Security Company - South Wales Weston FM Group is one of the UK’s most trusted providers of security guards, offering a comprehensive range of services from commercial security to public sector safeguarding. To ensure excellence, the firm provides bespoke solutions to protect people, property, and assets. While each of its clients’ solutions are unique, what they all have in common are the experienced security professionals that deliver them. Giving clients added peace of mind, Weston FM Groups’ incident management service is available around the clock via the firm’s control centre, in the event of a major security breach at any customer site. To offer a truly cutting-edge service, as a business Weston FM Group have invested heavily in new technology for measuring and reporting KPI’s on a cloud- based system which is accessible to the client, providing a live, transparent and robust method of reporting. This ensures that they receive support that meets their needs in today’s technology focused market. Moving forward, Weston FM Group foresees a bright future ahead. With the withdrawal of the Severn Crossing Tolls there will be an added incentive for businesses to re-locate to Wales for the ready supply of labour and the reduced operational costs. This will result in a new source of potential clients requiring security for their premises. As such the company will be seeking to expand its Pontypool based control centre to deal with the growing demand it foresees. Longer term, Weston FM Group is seeking to grow even further and expand nationally and support more clients across Wales and beyond. This will offer it many exciting opportunities to enhance its already incredible success. Weston FM Group WEL18010 Company: Weston FM Group Contact: Paul Hartshorn Address: Alder Suite, Room L6, Mamhilad House, Mamhilad Park Estate, Pontypool, Torfaen, NP04 0HZ, UK Phone: 01495 248199 Email: paul@weston-security.co.uk Website: www.weston-security.co.uk Weston FM Group

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