Welsh Enterprise Awards 2018

8 SME NEWS / Welsh Enterprise Awards 2018 Credu Charity is committed to providing learning, educational and employment opportunities for the whole of the community, while preserving and developing recreational spaces for future generations. As part of our showcase of a selection of our winners from this years’ Welsh Enterprise Awards we profiled the organisation to gain an insight into the vital work it undertakes. Best Regional Economic Regeneration Project - South Wales Based in Porthcawl, Credu Charity was developed from a recognised need for economic regeneration. Two local residents themselves representing two Charities (The Sea Cadets and Welsh Surfing Federation) came together to develop what is now Credu Charity. Today, Credu Charity is committed to providing learning, educational and employment opportunities in a number of different areas, from hospitality and catering to education and sports. Through a comprehensive programme of community engagement, Credu has developed a clear understanding of the needs of the local community and believe the advancement of education, health and wellbeing, conservation and effective promotion of the fantastic assets that the South Wales Coast has are essential elements to the overall regeneration of the area and Credu are developing the business around these needs. Mark Bryant CEO says, It must be said that Credu has received a lot of support to enable it to develop to this point, from the local community and stakeholders, as well as BIG Lottery, Visit Wales, European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), NatWest Social Community Capital Fund who have all invested in the organisation – in particular with the development WEL18005 Credu Charity HarbourQuarterPorthcawl of The Maritime Centre, our largest project to date, which will provide significant employment opportunities for the local area, contributing to the economic regeneration of the wider region. This project would not be possible without their support. Additionally, the staff of Credu are the real driving force behind its success. A team of dedicated individuals who have really bought into the ethos of the organisation and go above and beyond their job roles. Going forward, Credu is looking at opportunities which will provide further economic regeneration and employment. These developments will ensure the charity’s ongoing success over the years to come. ,

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