Q3 2019

12 | Q3 2019 There’s something truly special about a favourite dish cooked to perfection by a true master in their craft. This would certainly go some way to explain why I Giardini di Sorrento has become as popular as it has over the last couples of years, with patrons new and old becoming enchanted by the restaurant’s dedication to authenticity and taste. For Massimo, this remains one of the restaurant’s core tenets and a crucial key to it’s enduring success. “The vast majority of our dishes are homemade and lovingly created using family recipes and the finest of ingredients sourced directly from the Sorrentine Peninsula. In addition to an exciting a la carte menu, we boast a famous specials board -updated daily- with a selection of homemade favourites, including Wild Boar Ravioli, Lamb Ragu, Lobster, Seafood, Pizza and Desserts. “I Giardini di Sorrento’s extensive wine cellar incudes the finest regional wines including a few that are made from grapes grown on the sides of Mount Vesuvius. We also have a good selection of Champagnes that ensure our restaurant is a perfect venue to toast any celebration.” Massimo adds. Yet, Massimo dedicates much of the restaurant’s success to the entire team, and their efforts to ensure a truly exceptional experience for any guest as soon as they step over the threshold. “Our whole team is the key to our business’ current success. Many have been here since the restaurant opened. Moreover, we take regular trips back home to Sorrento to keep up to date with changes in flavours and discover new recipes to bring back to Wales.” For an Authentic Italian Experience in the Heart of Cardiff Based in Cardiff, I Giardini di Sorrento Italian Restaurant is an award-winning establishment that specialises in authentic Sorrentine cuisine. Following the restaurant’s well-deserved success in the 2019 Business Elite programme – where it was named ‘Best Italian Restaurant in Cardiff’ – we spoke with Managing Director, Massimo Fraioli to find out more. Jul19133 Finally, when it comes to the future of I Giardini di Sorrento, Massimo remains eternally optimistic, bolstered by peerless reviews and countless accolades standing as testament to the restaurant’s quality. But, as with any endeavour, there’s always room to improve: With my business partner Gaetano Monteriso , Restaurant Manager Michele Ruggiero, Head Chef Filippo Modafferi, Gianluigi Di Bitonto and my whole team, we are focusing primarily on our restaurant, but we will be rolling out a new website that will allow customers to purchase gift vouchers and products online so they can enjoy the offerings of Sorrento in their own homes too.” “We just would like to thank all our family, friends and suppliers who believed in us from the start. Without the support from all of you we would not be the business that we dreamed to achieve.” Name: Massimo Fraioli, Managing Director Website: www.i-giardini.com Telephone: 02920 486580 / 07703 429185 I Giardini di Sorrento Italian Restaurant, 12 City Road, Cardiff CF24 3DL

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