Q3 2019

16 | Q3 2019 May19110 The DM Lab, The Digital Marketing Laboratory, is a multi-award-winning design and digital marketing agency based in Hereford. Following the company’s recognition in the SME Top 100 programme last month, we spoke to The DM Lab’s Managing Director, Chris Tipping, to find out more about their expertise and services. The DM Lab : Brilliant Marketing Made Simple Digital marketing has become an utterly key tool for any company looking to succeed and expand in the modern age of business. The online landscape offers borderless opportunities to connect with new markets, and clients, with the very best marketers using digitisation as a springboard to practically limitless growth. The DM Lab have found their success in this environment, realising that success here depends on an ability to be adaptable, with the skill to be at the forefront of an industry that never stops developing, learning, and moving forwards. As Chris explains, The DM Lab have become one of these market leaders by, simply, achieving results. “We launched in 2010 after we realised that there was a gap in the market locally for focused, quality marketing. Today, we help our clients grow their online presence, website traffic, social media following and, most importantly, leads. “We’re so confident in our ability to deliver that we never tie in clients with contracts. They’re free to come and go as they please, however, when they see results and see their business growing they are always willing to reinvest in The DM Lab to grow further with a bigger budget.” Success in marketing, ultimately, finds its roots in personalised solutions – a ‘copy and paste’ approach rarely achieves strong results. “We make sure we spend the time not only to fully understand how our client’s businesses work, but how customers interact with our clients, understanding customer behaviours and journeys, identifying touch points and how to be visible. This is achieved using various services that include: Search Engine Optimisation, Paid advertising, Web development, Email Marketing, and Design/Print.” Finally, Chris takes a moment to offer more insight into The DM Lab’s future as they look to learn the lessons of the past. “Though we were established in 2010 it was only really in 2014 that we saw the path the company needed to take, laying the foundations for our current success. With a projected turnover this year of £200,000, there’s been an impetus to push the business further. With space for additional team members and a continuously growing client base, we’re already planning for the future with regards to accommodating new clients whilst continuing to service existing clients to an impeccable level.” Company: The DM Lab Name: Chris Tipping Address: Suite 2B, Penn House, 9-10 Broad Street, Hereford, HR4 9AP Website: www.thedmlab.com Telephone: 01432 607 660

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