Welsh Enterprise Awards 2019

Welcome to the Welsh Enterprise Awards 2019 Due to the ever-growing increase of Small to Medium Enterprises in Wales and the huge popularity from past two years, we at SME News are delighted to introduce the third consecutive edition of the Welsh Enterprise Awards! Over the past decade, Wales has become known for more than just it’s renowned Agriculture, Manufacturing and Mining industries in which has helped the country thrive and become the jewel it is today in modern day UK. The movers and shakers of the Welsh technology industry have helped place the country on the map as one of the most in demand locations within the UK to establish the industry, with 400,000 people working within the sector bringing in over £8 Billion to the Welsh economy! Laura Brookes - Magazine Editor Phone: +44 (0) 20 3970 0082 Email: L.brookes@aiglobalmedialtd.com Website: www.lux-review.com Contents 4. Celtic Holiday Parks: Best Full-Service Glamping and Caravan Holiday Parks – Pembrokeshire 6. Fur Indoors Ltd: Best Canine Care Centre 2019 - South Wales 7. Rebecca Hocking Cake Design: Best Bespoke Cake Design Business 2019 - South Wales 8. Min-Y-Don Guest House: Guesthouse of the Year 2019 - Conwy County 9. Green Sea Guard Ltd: Leading Experts in Ship Emission Monitoring - Europe

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