Q3 2019

22 | Q3 2019 Jul19111 “Our firm’s mission is to provide the highest quality of specialist motoring legal services with genuine care and compassion, and to be every driver’s first choice when requiring the services of an expert motoring lawyer.” Though a niche field in law, lawyers specialising in the sphere of motoring law have swiftly differentiated themselves through a profound ability to achieve results. As undisputed experts in this area, Ashworth Motoring Law has become one of these de facto leaders, forging a reputation built on the back of years of hard- earned success. As is very much the case for law firms across the country – regardless of field or area of expertise - case history speaks volumes. Here is no exception, as Alison discusses in more detail. “With outstanding success rates including 100% acquittal rates in many offence categories, we have become the ‘go to’ firm for saving a driver’s licence when they accrue too many points or want to prove their innocence. To achieve this, our Solicitors all specialise solely in the area of motoring law, giving them time and commitment Presenting the Undisputed Experts in Driving Offences Ashworth Motoring Law is a national law firm that specialises solely in representing drivers who have been charged with motoring offences. Following the firm’s success in the 2019 UK Enterprise Awards – where it was named ‘Best Driving Offences Law Firm in England & Wales – we spoke to Managing Director, Alison Ashworth to find out more. to acquire the most in-depth specialised knowledge of road traffic laws, and ability to constantly develop new and novel points of law with the goal for our clients to walk out of Court with their licence intact. As a result of their considerable efforts to provide only the best representation in the field of motoring law, Ashworth Motoring now celebrates an almost peerless pedigree. Regularly sought out as experts in the area, they have appeared on BBC TV and radio, ITV and in national newspapers. “In addition to delivering an outstanding knowledge base, we are able to constantly provide the highest standards of legal service by anticipating, understanding and exceeding the expectations of our clients.” On top of this central mission, Ashworth Motoring Law has an ethos defined, predominantly, by a constant need to improve – to be better. “We all have extremely high standards of ourselves and of each other and have developed a reputation for excellence by constantly developing better ways to serve our clients and win their cases. Ultimately, our lawyers have all been handpicked for not only their intellect, eye for detail and problem-solving skills but also for their underlying compassion and commitment to ensuring that every client is understood and supported 100% throughout their case.” In her closing comments Alison offers more insight into the greater UK market as they look to stay ahead of the market in their field. “With constant cuts to legal aid in areas such as general crime and family law, we envisage that a number of affected firms may seek out new business in areas of law that they are not familiar with such as motoring law. Sadly, we have already seen firms with little to no experience in this niche area of law vying for business and professing expertise that they simply do not have. This not only puts the outcome of the case at risk, but also has the potential to undermine public confidence in the expertise of true specialists in the area. We continue to combat this by proving ourselves the true authorities on motoring law, by being at the forefront of the industry and by letting our phenomenal results speak for themselves.” “We don’t envisage any change to our business as a result of Brexit due to our robust and innovative business strategies and our ability to adapt to the ever-changing motoring law environment.” Name: Alison Ashworth, Managing Director Website: www.ashworthmotoringlaw.co.uk Telephone: 0330 33 22 770

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