Q3 2019

24 | Q3 2019 Apr19478 Without a doubt, the digital landscape offers a wealth of opportunity when it comes to accelerating business growth. Indeed, since the online revolution, the marketing industry itself has found new life, relishing in the greater degree of exposure and border-free inter-connectivity it offers. With a honed specialism in online product launches, Nuuk Digital has differentiated itself from the outset. In an industry populated with SEO and social media experts, they have marked themselves as the leading firm in this highly-focused sphere – targeting the areas that matter most to swift business growth, as Lina explains more. “Our team is driven to helping clients maximise returns and driving their business growth. We achieve this through a bespoke service that is designed to reinvent client’s business from the inside out. Regardless of what the objectives are, our team will strive to transform existing processes and help clients discover the variables that will fuel your sustainable growth and grow your business further.” Partnering this expertise with a decidedly client-centric approach has resulted in a plethora of top-tier accreditations, proving that their unique approach to marketing, simply, works. “We were one of the first 25 global certified Facebook Marketing Partners and are a Google Premier partner as well. We have received the UK Agency Award in 2018 for Best New Business Campaign, as well as being the finalist for many global and European awards throughout the past few years. What sets us apart is our agile approach to marketing and treating every client as our own unicorn.” “We serve businesses that are ready to grow and want to take advantage of the online landscape and tools to do so.” In her closing comments, Lina discusses the future of Nuuk Digital which lies, aptly, in growing their own business outside of their base in Manchester. “We are planning to add more local, UK, clients to our roster. We currently only have about 20% of clients from the UK, but we are working hard at changing the ratio.” Nuuk Digital : The Go-To Market Agency Nuuk Digital is a marketing company that specialises in online product launches, capitalising on their experience and expertise to transform and revitalise companies from the ground up. Named the ‘Most Innovative Provider of Go-To Market Strategies for Business Growth’ in the 2019 SME 100 programme, we spoke to Director, Lina Gantar, to find out more. Name: Lina Gantar, Director Address: 3 Chepstow Street, Manchester, United Kingdom Website: www.nuuk-digital.com

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