Q3 2019

25 | Q3 2019 Mar19524 It might be a surprising thing indeed to know that the equine industry is stumbling behind countless others, in that it still, primarily, relies on paper-based systems to operate on a day to day basis. Its reliance on physical documentation came to the forefront in February this year when the entire UK industry shut down for a week on the back of an Equine Flu outbreak. However, for Equine MediRecord it proved to be the perfect case study for why their revolutionary platform was so desperately needed, as Pierce takes a moment to explain. “We’re the first to digitise documentation that has been traditionally physical, and to automate reminders when it comes to competitions. Of particular note is the software’s digitisation of vaccination schedules in relation to upcoming events. A prevalent problem in the Equine industry is that horses are racing or competing when they probably shouldn’t have, with failed drug tests that are the result of vaccinations or medication. Whilst the media often labels this as ‘cheating’, it of often down to simple administration errors that are the result of a predominantly paper-based system. Our goal is to make sure that doesn’t happen anymore. “The second step for us was more in-line with improving equine welfare. A doctor wouldn’t care for a patience without their full medical history, but because of these paper-based systems, what often happens is that vets come in to treat horses without full-knowledge of their past medical history. In this, Equine MediRecord is good from a compliant point and also in regard to fulfilling the Animal Welfare Act.” As with all tech start-ups, Pierce continues, a key challenge lies in convincing people that a change is needed – that a better alternative is out there that addresses the out-dated methods of years past. “The Equine industry is naturally A Revolutionary in the Equine Industry Every now and then a company emerges that solves a problem that seems so obvious it’s a wonder it hasn’t been addressed before. This is the case with Equine MediRecord, the world’s first regulatory compliant software for the equine industry, which we named as 2019’s Most Innovative Equine Technology in the SME 100 Spotlight. Following this well-deserved win, we spoke to the company’s CEO, Pierce Dargan, to find out more. conservative. When you’re bringing technology into any industry, there’s always going to be a bit of resistance. For us, the key was to find those people who support you and give you an opportunity to prove that your technology, your product, is the way forwards. For us, John Oxx and Noel Meade saw what needed to be done from the very, very beginning. They understood our goal of pushing the Equine industry into the 21st century. Since then, we’ve gained the support of Gordon Elliot, who has publicly endorsed us, as well as Nicky Henderson who offered a testimonial about how our system helped during the Equine Flu outbreak in February. We’ve also officially partnered with the Irish Trainer’s Association.” Pierce concludes with a glimpse of what the future holds for Equine MediRecord. By all regards, it looks like the company is at the very cusp of immense growth and expansion: “We have lots of plans for 2019, though many are subject to getting the relevant approvals. We are looking to launch into another three countries - two in Europe, one outside of Europe- and we are also being contacted for central contracts. We’ve been talking to organisations from various different types of equine sports, such as equestrian, thoroughbred racing and harness racing, as well as regulators about having systems for all their trainers and owners under their organisation. We’ll just have to see how that all pans out!” Company: Equine MediRecord Name: Pierce Dargan, CEO Website: https://www.equinemedirecord.com/

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