Q3 2019

28 | Q3 2019 Jul19120 The Luxury Loft Company has earned a deserved reputation across Newcastle and the North East for being one of the region’s foremost experts in loft conversions and extensions. Following the company’s recognition in the 2019 UK Enterprise Awards, where they were named ‘Best Loft Conversion Company in North East England’, we spoke with Managing Director, Daryll Chana to find out more about their best in class offerings. Looking for a Truly Luxurious Loft Conversion? Perhaps it is the stress of moving, or perhaps people have started to take the idea of a ‘Forever Home’ to heart: either way, loft conversions and extensions have never been more popular. After all, a well-done loft conversion can be a dramatic change indeed, offering much needed space and adding significant value to any home. For Daryll the most important thing is rather a basic one- ensuring a quality conversion that the client can be overjoyed with. “We have numerous very happy customers across the region, where we have worked on projects converting their empty loft space into beautiful, functional and luxurious living spaces that the whole family can enjoy. At the end of the day, we have over 20 years of experience in helping our clients turn their dreams into reality.” Experience and expertise colours all of the Luxury Loft Company’s services, giving clients peace of mind that their loft conversions are in the safest of hands, as Daryll continues. “We have a highly experienced team of planners, designers and builders who – together – provide a full and complete loft conversion service. Moreover, we’re happy to manage the entire project from start to finish.” By all regards, this approach appears to be working. “So far, the company has grown from strength to strength year on year. We’re nearly always booked a year in advance and now have amassed hundreds of very happy and satisfied that will vouch for us in a heartbeat,” Darryl adds. Though the company primarily serves the general public, they are more than capable of undergoing a broad variety of projects, as Daryll takes a moment to explain. “Over the years, we’ve developed the skills to convert any loft at all: which includes commercial buildings, offices, and schools for classrooms or staff quarters. We’ve also gone to efforts to ensure that we have a very strong online presence that makes us easy to find for potential clients to contact us and book consultations.” As with any company, the Luxury Loft Company’s staff play an important role in ensuring that projects are completed to the highest of standards, ensuring that expectations are not only met, but exceeded in every way. “At the end of the day, you are only as good as your work force. I can credit the success we celebrate today with a strong and highly capable work force. It is also important to keep the job ‘clean’ to make sure that the client’s life is disrupted as little as possible. I make sure my full work force has this in mind constantly alongside a dedication to a high standard of workmanship and skill.” When it comes to challenges in the construction industry, Daryll is eager to discuss the impact that ‘cowboy’ builders have had on legitimate and hardworking businesses across the country. “I think I can speak on behalf of any builder or construction company when I say that the largest challenge is ‘cowboy’ builders. People find it stressful to choose a builder and to give their trust to companies like ours. There are many shows on TV about cowboy builders and horror stories about bad builders which does make it challenging for the good guys who have the best intensions at heart and care about customer satisfaction and the future of their company.” Finally, Daryll offers more insight into the Luxury Loft Company’s future. “We will be expanding into a stronger company in order to keep up with our very high demand. We already are the leading loft company in the northeast and I am constantly driving to make my company the ‘complete package’ – the go-to company for loft conversions. Ultimately, we are keeping a keen focus on expansion, and looking to branch into other parts of the country.” Company: The Luxury Loft Company Name: Daryll Chana, Managing Director Address: 18 Waterford park, Brunswick Village, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE13 7BD, United Kingdom Website: www.theluxuryloftcompany.com Telephone: 07534474259

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