Welsh Enterprise Awards 2019

6 | SME NEWS - Welsh Enterprise Awards 2019 Based in Wales, Fur Indoors Ltd is a leader in Canine Care. Recognised as one of the best canine care centres in South Wales for 2019, we profiled the award-winning dog hotel and caught up with Sam Caldwell-Thorne who provided us with a glimpse into the innerworkings of this fur establishment and the dog crazy team who deliver an outstanding canine friendly service. Since their inception, Fur Indoors Ltd have been providing a personalised overnight luxury boarding for dogs, tailoring their holiday to the needs of the individual canine. Today, Fur Indoors Ltd’s bespoke Canine Care centre comprises of a Luxury Dog Hotel, 5 Star Day Care centre, enormous Indoor and Outdoor Dog Parks, Training and Behaviour Modification, Agility Arena and a Pet Shop. Fur Indoor Ltd’s mission is to bring a whole new meaning to Canine Care, which ensures that owners have a totally new experience when trusting the business with their furry family members. Going into further detail, Sam begins by informing us of the steps the team takes to ensure that they achieve the firm’s main mission, and how the team go the extra mile for both clients and their furry companion. “Here at Fur Indoor Ltd, we strive to do more, know more and be more when it comes to anything dog. Our team are highly qualified and we expand our knowledge at every opportunity. Additionally, we are a dedicated tight knit team who consider our colleagues and the dogs in our care to be family; always supporting, always sharing, always there for one another.” With an outstanding facility which can not be matched, Fur Indoor Ltd are constantly developing their services to improve and provide that little bit more to their loyal clientele. When discussing the award-winning facilities, Sam is keen to highlight how Fur Indoor Ltd is able to stand out from their competitors, and the key factors which enables the business to deliver an outstanding service every time. “What really makes us special is our depth of knowledge and dedication to the physical and mental well-being of dogs. In addition to this, the amount of care and love we provide them and their owners so that they can feel happy and relaxed trusting us with their dogs is paramount to our success, and our dedication is unparalleled.” In today’s society, owners are becoming increasingly more educated regarding Canine Care. For instance, spending time to think deeply about what their dog’s needs, compared to seeing them a furry companion to meet their own needs. Owners are starting to strive towards providing their pet with the social interactions and care that they require to be both physically and mentally stable. Today’s owners are advocates for their dogs, and a stance the team at Fur Indoors Ltd hope will continue going forward. Fundamentally, the Fur Indoors Ltd team are, and always will, continue to learn how to be better, how to progress and invest greatly in what it is their members want. Looking ahead to Best Canine Care Centre 2019 - South Wales Fur Indoors Ltd: what the future holds, Sam signs off by revealing the exciting plans which lie in the pipeline for the luxury Canine establishment, touching on their goals of both investing and expanding the business in the years to come. “Going forward, we are expanding our Luxury Dog Hotel from an already spectacular service, to include additional holistic services and deluxe facilities. Every year we invest in our people and our facility to provide more, ultimately keeping our Canine residents as the primary focus.” Contact: Sam Caldwell-Thorne Company: Fur Indoors Ltd Address: Fur Indoors, St. Theodores Way, Brynmenyn Industrial Estate, Bridgend, CF32 9TZ Telephone: 01656 724846 Web Address: www.furindoorsdogkennels.co.uk

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