Welsh Enterprise Awards 2019

7 | SME NEWS - Welsh Enterprise Awards 2019 Oct19196 Everybody loves cake. More than a tasty treat, cakes are a symbol of partying, celebration and having a great time together with people. Some cakes however, are truly special. Rebecca Hocking Cake Design is responsible for crafting some of the most delicious and beautiful-looking cakes that the South of Wales has ever seen. We caught up with Rebecca herself to discover her recipe for success as we profile the business. First discovering her love for baking cakes following the birth of a friend’s son, Rebecca Hocking has since transformed her passion, enthusiasm, and creativity into an award-winning business that brings joy to so many people. From celebrations to corporate events and coffee shops, clients are always excited to see “The Cake Lady” turn up with their favourite flavours decorated with bespoke designs. Understanding that every client and their request is totally unique, Rebecca Hocking Cake Design prides itself on ensuring that every single cake made is truly unique. From superhero hybrids, to celebrations of movies, Rebecca’s cakes are more than just a culinary marvel; they are a visual spectacle. In speaking to Rebecca about her business and the driving force behind it, she told us of her ongoing mission. “My mission has always been to make bespoke creations that fit a customer’s brief, budget and expectations every single time. I achieve this by working with my customers very closely so that their needs are met, and of course the product looks and tastes amazing. Every single cake I make is unique and bespoke to that customer and I never undertake a cake that is an exact replica of something I have produced previously. That way, the cake is truly unique.” Rebecca’s clients include supplying weekly orders to local coffee shops and venues across South Wales, as well as a number of corporate clients seeking to acquire that perfect cake for any event, be it a launch or a promotion. Not content to just deliver these incredible cakes for Wales however, Best Bespoke Cake Design Business 2019 - South Wales Rebecca Hocking Cake Design: Rebecca Hocking Cake Design can also be found at a large number of festivals and shows throughout the United Kingdom, catering for her dedicated base of loyal customers. Cake design has seen a massive increase in popularity ever since the introduction of programmes such as the BBC and Channel 4’s The Great British Bake-Off. However, despite the obvious inspiration that the show provides for aspiring bakers nationwide, Rebecca knows that her business’s worth and focus on ‘uniqueness’ comes from elsewhere. “I try not to copy trends in cake design or fellow bakers paths, and make my designs based on what customers ask me to create. I don’t work from a set catalogue or price list. As I work alone, I don’t have a team of staff. It is therefore me that creates the design, bakes the cake, decorates the cake, and – usually- delivers the cake!” Personability is an area of Rebecca’s business that has seen her succeed since forming her business, giving clients the knowledge and peace of mind that the person they have dealt with is the one who will be solely involved in the creative process. Rebecca goes on to say how she thinks that has positively impacted her business. “I think people like this personal approach, and like the idea that one person has the control over their design. It’s not made in large-scale factory production, with a number of team members completing different elements.” Despite the ever-present love for cake that people have, Rebecca knows that as there are trends in any business, so there are in cake design. More people are realising that they can have cake that is gluten-free and vegan, so Rebecca’s business continues to grow as people continue to demand cakes suitable for their dietary requirements. Concluding the interview, Rebecca shares with us her dream for her business, and where it might end up one day: “My dream would be to open a retail outlet and bring small business back to the ever-diminishing High Street.”. Understanding the importance of having SMEs on the high street, as well as a celebration of cake, this Cake Lady has baked her way into success. Contact: Rebecca Hocking Facebook: Rebecca Hocking Cake Design Instagram: RHCakes Email: info@rhcakes.com Website: http://rhcakes.com/

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