Welsh Enterprise Awards 2019

9 | SME NEWS - Welsh Enterprise Awards 2019 The analysis results are made available to the shipowners, managers and engineers whilst the ship is out on the water. There, they can review the ship’s exhaust and its particulate content levels, allowing them to schedule preventative maintenance, identify fuel-saving measures, and monitor engine issues as they continue to develop, while fleet and newbuild managers can monitor and manage the wear and tear on different engine components. In the years since the firm’s inception and that of the G100 analyser, Green Sea Guard have also developed and started using more versions. The G300 particulates analyser, was introduced in 2017 with the aim of detected particulates less than 70 nanometres in diameter. With these micro-particulates thought to be amongst the most harmful to the planet and humans alike, the G300 is helping safeguard the future in detecting and helping shipowners resolve problems. However, it isn’t just the shipowners themselves that can benefit from the work of Green Sea Guard. Regulators have few means of checking ship exhausts, other than using drones or manual processes, which can be more expensive and less reliable. Coast guards and port authorities can also access the data via a secure web portal that holds everything gathered from the ships whilst they are out on their shipping routes. Not content to simply ensure the continued protection, the team at Green Sea Guard know that air and water pollution continues to be an international issue. With its management team spread across four countries and having direct access to more than one hundred ports, the firm’s products will enable worldwide distribution to help keep the planet safe. The successes of Green Sea Guard cannot be overstated, or indeed, rested upon. The firm know that their greatest adversary is delay, so working hard and fast to ensure the continued protection of the Earth’s ecosystem is absolutely paramount. Passionately dedicated to reducing air and sea pollution through active and pragmatic solutions, every member of the team is committed to affecting rapid change in the ongoing fight against climate change. Contact: Anita Bradshaw Website: www.greenseaguard.com Oct19299 According to some reports, the environmental impact of shipping can account for up to 18 percent of air pollutants in some regions across the world. For ships operating around the world, there will inevitably come increasing pressure to operate in a greener and more environmentally-friendly way in the form of regulations. One firm, Green Sea Guard, have taken it upon themselves to defend the Earth’s oceans by monitoring ships emissions and helping them diagnose any issues. Discover more about their success as we profile the firm. Founded in Oxford in 2014, Green Sea Guard began sea-based operations with its flagship G100 gas analysers in early 2015 and is now represented in The Netherlands, Portugal, France, Saudi Arabia, and Wales. As the calls for greater environmental protection across the world grow louder, there are beginning to be increasing regulations on the shipping sector to try and minimise the risk of air and water pollution and damage to the Earth’s ecosystems. As a result, shipowners are sitting up and taking notice of their emissions and doing what they can to invest in compliance rather than face large fines from multiple different regulators. The proprietary offering from Green Sea Guard is their group of laboratory-quality analysers, which enable shipowners to remotely monitor emissions and gather data on its performance. In order to ensure that the analysers can cope with the hostility of the ships exhaust, the firm spends its time ruggedizing and adapting hardware and software. That way, the technology can withstand the temperatures and standards inside an exhaust, whilst being able to effectively transmit back valuable information. That data is then sent to a secure server on land, where machine learning algorithms are used to detect common engine faults, and enable both the shipowners and Green Sea Guard to help find solutions. Leading Experts in Ship Emission Monitoring - Europe Green Sea Guard Ltd.

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