Welsh Enterprise Awards 2020

11 | Welsh Enterprise Awards 2020 Best Property Management & Lettings Agency - Cardiff Located in Cardiff, CF24 Property Services is a property business helping tenants and purchasers find a home. Having recently found success in SME’s Welsh Enterprise Awards 2020, we caught up with Ahmed Mustafa to find out more about CF24 Property Services and to cast a light on how they established a reputation in Cardiff for being one of the best property management and lettings agencies available on the market today. Whether its residential sales and rentals, property management, property development or commercial sales and lettings, CF24 Property Services are highly adept in all areas of the real estate industry. Going into detail, Ahmed dives straight by providing us with a brief overview of the firm, as well as reflecting on CF24 Property Services’ early days. “First and Foremost I would like to thank the almighty creator, Allah. Naturally, he has provided me with the blueprint to success, outlining what I must do and also what I cannot do. With strong faith, success and recognition following naturally, like with most companies, the first few years were quite difficult. Survival was only possible with great effort and making sure monthly outgoings were as low as possible. But, once I developed an efficient system of work and gained a reputation, things became a bit easier.” The competition facing CF24 Property Services in recent times has been fierce and plentiful, however as Ahmed goes on to explain, through a commitment to customer service the firm has been able to remain at the forefront of the industry. “Collectively, we always try to look after our customers the best way we can by making sure landlords get the best possible prices, whilst also making sure tenants are looked after and problems are resolved quickly and efficiently. Typically, maintenance is offered at cost price and we do not charge late payments fees. Ultimately, to remain competitive in the industry we focus on good customer service and satisfaction whilst keeping prices low.” Oct20628 Regarding recruitment, as a small business the firm typically look to hire people who possess a positive attitude, and are able to handle responsibility well, as Ahmed informs us. “Naturally, due to our size, we look for individuals who have a genuine care for their work and are always willing to learn.” The recent outbreak of COVID-19 has dramatically affected the property management industry, however after adapting to the pandemic, the firm has still managed to prosper during these difficult and uncertain times as Ahmed points out. “Recently, the property management industry has been through some hardship. Initially, with agency fees to tenants being banned and then COVID-19 related uncertainty hitting demand as well. To stay profitable, alongside others we have had to restructure our business model and focus more on a virtual existence, in both lettings and sales.” Bringing the interview to a close, Ahmed is keen to highlight the exciting plans which lie in the pipeline for the firm as they prepare for 2020 and beyond. “Looking ahead to what the future holds, we will be focusing on improving our presence in the property sales side of the industry, whilst trying to grow our portfolio of managed properties. Until now, we have not advertised our services due to budget constraints and there’s been a reliance on referrals and returning customers. However, we will now be utilising marketing campaigns to try to grow the business even more.” Company: CF24 Property Services Contact: Ahmed Mustafa Website: www.cf24.co.uk

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