Welsh Enterprise Awards 2020

13 | Welsh Enterprise Awards 2020 Oct20481 Best Funeral Planning Company 2020 Since 2019, 1st Line Funeral Care has been exclusively focused on funeral planning with its extensive knowledge of the sector. Going into further detail, Jason begins by providing a brief overview of the firm and offers more insight into some of the key values which form the foundation of the business. “Offering a variety of funeral plan options, we pride ourselves on being here to help people at one of the most difficult times of their lives. Based upon our core values of honesty, empathy, compassion, and quality of service, we aim to provide value for money.” In such a short period of time, 1st Line Funeral Care has risen to the forefront of the Welsh funeral services market, and as Jason goes on to explain, much of its success can be attributed to the dedication of its staff. “As a client-centric business, our staff are motivated by client perception. The reviews our clients leave creates a good sense of competition within the workplace and naturally this inspires the team to work harder.” Regarding recruitment, in this regard the firm typically identify candidates who would fit into the client-centric philosophy it has in place, as Jason points out. “Firstly, we look for individuals that can demonstrate they’re prepared to put the client first. In addition, any potential new employee must be driven to represent the company and our funeral partners with the utmost professionalism.” Despite the outbreak of COVID-19, the firm has still managed to prosper during these difficult times thanks to its innovative methods that Jason is keen to share. “The ways of conducting business with clients has certainly changed, more so in our favour. As a tele-based funeral advisory firm the pandemic has broadened the opportunity to service our clients by telephone, thus being largely down to clients not wanting to do business face to face, because of the risk it poses.” Looking ahead to what the future holds, Jason envisions a number of exciting plans that the team at 1st Line Funeral Care hope to accomplish in the years to come, such as expanding both the business and its team size. “Moving forward, as a business we have big ambitions for the future. With coronavirus not going away anytime soon and so many businesses working remotely, it’s important we adapt our ways. One of those includes video conferencing facilities which will give clients that face-to- face experience they are currently missing. Additionally, we aim to double the size of our workforce within the next six months and advance our legal services department, including later life services such as will writing and estate planning.” Company: 1st Line Funeral Care Contact: Jason Rosser Website: www.1stlinefuneralcare.com Situated in Ammanford, Carmarthenshire, 1st Line Funeral Care is a funeral planning company offering clients peace of mind. Recently, we caught up with the firm’s Jason Rosser to find out more about the wonderful service the team provides to ensure the perfect goodbye is delivered.

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