Welsh Enterprise Awards 2020

16 | Welsh Enterprise Awards 2020 Oct20493 Best Nursing & Care Training Provider - Wales Providing one-to-one training, intermediary training, counselling and coaching programmes to the nursing and caregiving community, CCE Training Services is dedicated to ensuring that help is at hand for medical staff. Clare Caddy Edmonds tells us more about the company and what it offers. CCE Training Services provides professional, comprehensive accredited training services for nurses and care givers in Bridgend and surrounding areas within South Wales. Having been in the care industry for more than 25 years, CCE Training Services is well-acquainted with the best practices of how to care for individuals in a holistic and people-centric way. Qualified nurse and trainer, Clare Caddy Edmonds, explains that the company’s objective is to create learning in an environment that is conducive to care. “We are passionate about caring for people and want to establish our students as passionate and professional carers too,” she says. The courses on offer are tailormade, meaning they can enhance knowledge and skills in both mandatory and more specialised areas, for example, enabling skills to treat people with rare diseases or special medial conditions. CCE Training Services also offers training in other industry areas and is constantly keeping abreast of updates and new developments from the Government, throughout the pandemic, to ensure that its Infection Control and COSHH courses are all up to date. All courses are compliant with the concurrent acts and regulations, and Clare continues to tell us that CCE Training Services is a proud training provider to the local authorities within the region and it supports local businesses too. “We are unique as we provide training not only for health care providers but other industries too. Also, social media has been integrated into the business for an ease of participants engaging with us confidentially.” CCE Training Services has a range of excellent niche aftercare mentoring courses, for instance End of Life Training. “Reflection is a big part of leaning, there is no other company that offers this mentoring and after care service to participants,” Clare highlights. “Participants are able to have an important outlet to express and reflect on courses which are not understood or they are not able to internalise at the time of the course being delivered.” The recent coronavirus outbreak has put huge strain and pressure on the medical industry, with many care workers and NHS staff having signs of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and mental health problems due to the pandemic of Covid-19. CCE Training Services has been busy throughout delivering Covid-19 awareness training via online and face-to-face training to more than 200 businesses and managers of care establishments. With mental health being more important now than ever before, Clare and the team have been working to provide essential support and mentoring. “We have been hit hard in south Wales by the pandemic. Enabling businesses to re-open after the first wave, and subsequent lockdown, was a challenge. However now the biggest issue is to stay up to date with Government guidelines and to keep abreast of this ever-changing, and increasingly more challenging, situation.” For CCE Training Services the future is looking busy as more and more people require training due to the events of the last 12 months. The plan is now to expand the team and grow, creating more online face-to-face training sessions to encompass even more mentoring and aftercare for nursing and care professionals. “Most importantly we don’t believe in the word ‘I’ but in the word ‘we’,” enthuses Clare. “Good communication and efficient teamwork is the gel that bonds us together and we will continue to commit to providing valid skills and resources to mentors and mentees, in order for them to become more knowledgeable and proficient in their roles.” Company: CCE Training Services Contact: Clare Caddy Edmonds Web Address: www.ccetrainingservices.co.uk

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