Welsh Enterprise Awards 2020

Welsh Enterprise Awards 2020 | 5 Tradeprices Bathrooms from some major UK suppliers. Adaptable and flexible as ever, the firm soon turned this around, working with the suppliers they could at that that time and now having an established network of selected and main suppliers all over the UK. Consequently, Tradeprices is thriving and the competitors in its market are not viewed as threats to business but inspiration for the firm, which strives to emulate these larger businesses and retailers and their successes. In order to achieve this, Tradeprices seeks to provide a broad spectrum of clients with exceptional bathrooms, using unique systems which allow the team to regularly update, communicate and sell to their customers, even throughout adversities such as the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. As an online retailer that does not rely on stores or shop fronts, Tradeprices has been able to continue operating throughout the lockdowns and even saw its record sales month throughout the peak of the pandemic. However, like so many other businesses in the retail industry, the firm has had its difficulties throughout the past year, namely with manufacturing and delivery services slowing down or coming to a complete stop due to inevitable delays. The Tradeprices team considers itself lucky to have a largely understanding clientele who were very patient with the firm and as long as they were kept in the loop about the progress of their project, customers remained satisfied with Tradeprices’ conscientious customer service. As a result, the company is pulling through an undeniably difficult social and economic period with great success, which is testament to the strength of this young and dynamic retailer, who are now rated Excellent on Trustpilot. Despite the current uncertain climates, Tradeprices considers itself very fortunate to exist in beautiful Great Britain and to benefit from its amazing network of companies that support Tradeprices in supply, marketing, finance, and delivery. Driven by the firm’s passion for delivering dream bathrooms to its loyal clients, Tradeprices is feeling optimistic about the future and believes that as long as Covid-19 and its impact on the UK economy is handled correctly, the business will continue to thrive. With ambitions to continue steadily growing, Tradeprices will evolve and adapt whenever required. To that end, the firm has already taken on a second facility so that Tradeprices has two warehouses to deal with the great volume of orders it is expecting in 2021. As such, the team at Tradeprices is excitedly optimistic about the year ahead and what the future beyond holds for the retailer and its growth. Thanks to its team of advisors and the companies it collaborates with, Tradeprices has cultivated a positive working environment that has the support of companies and clients alike as its stives for nationwide success. Company: Tradeprices Bathrooms Contact: Gavin Smith Website: www.tradeprices.com Tradeprices’ expansive portfolio of bathrooms in order to achieve their dream space, all the way down to the personal finishing touches and exceptional quality that could only come from UK manufacturing.

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