Welsh Enterprise Awards 2020

6 | Welsh Enterprise Awards 2020 Oct20661 Best Holiday Home Rental Service 2020 NetLet UK is a hospitality network for the complete management of holiday homes across Wales. Following its well- deserved success in the Welsh Enterprise Awards 2020, we got in touch with Emma Taylor to find out more about how the team at NetLet UK deliver one of the best holiday home rental services available on the market today. From luxury sea-view apartments to dog-friendly cottages, NetLet UK acts as an online portal for all things self-catering. To start, Emma provides a brief overview of the firm and offers more insight into its clientele. “NetLet is the connection between homeowners and end-users, ensuring that a quality level of service is provided to both parties. While providing owners with the convenience, quality, and reassurance for their holiday homes, we offer a hub of information and support for end- users visiting Pembrokeshire. Composed of three individual enterprises, all of them equally contribute to the success and functionality of the business model. Housekeeping, laundry and holiday homes, each enterprise generates individual revenue streams and offers economic support to Pembrokeshire.” To gain an edge over some of its closest competitors, NetLet UK delivers a high-quality personal service with a level of investment and resources not all businesses view as necessary, as Emma explains further. “The key to success lies in the systems and culture that have been set in place to control, combine and manage all the individual enterprises as separate entities, combination entities and as an entire entity. NetLet UK has been strategically broken down and rebuilt around the key members, revenue streams and processes to completely target realistic and aggressive growth. With a clear mission, strategy, and budget, we can undoubtedly see the vision ahead. A clear and more precise brand, encompassed with specific company messaging, departmental strategies and budgets, strengthens cohesion whilst driving internal growth. This allows us to cater towards a more specific demographic which leads to competitive pricing and high returns for our owners.” Regarding recruitment, rather than focusing on any skills or knowledge a candidate may possess, the firm prefer to look at the character of an individual, as Emma notes. “Through a transparent and cohesive team, we aim to deliver high-quality personal services to the community of Pembrokeshire and holidaymakers. Although industry knowledge can be beneficial to a candidate, instead we look for open-minded and enthusiastic people who possess a strong work- ethic and respect for others.” The recent outbreak of COVID-19 initially brought the hospitality industry come to a halt, however after restrictions were lifted, there was an increase in demand for self-catering accommodation, which Emma touches on. “Regarding the pandemic, if you look at the search query over the last 24-months, there has been an increased demand not only within the UK but overall for self-catering. In particular, the past 12 months have gone against organic trends as the pandemic has driven market trends and patterns. The purge in the self-catering industry will last for the next five-six years. However, we have seen first-hand this year that there is not enough supply to support growing demand for this staycation industry.” Bringing the interview to a close, Emma signs off by envisioning what the future holds for the firm, and where she hopes NetLet UK will be in the years to come. “Moving forward, we will continue to diversify in line with the unpredictable market direction post Covid-19. In addition, our aim is to increase revenue by 66% in 2021 and 70% in 2022 while expanding the company into neighbouring counties within Wales. With increased stakeholder value, we hope to ensure of financial sustainability, job creation and property investment in Q4 of 2022. Lastly, we hope to focus on new business sales while investing time in maintaining customer retention and communication.” Company: NetLet UK Contact: Emma Taylor Website: www.netletuk.co.uk

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