Welsh Enterprise Awards 2020

9 | Welsh Enterprise Awards 2020 Small, local estate agency, Anna Ashton, has a lot to give. Recently, we caught up with the firm’s founder to find out more about what it offers that others don’t, and how it is successfully weathering the Covid storm. Anna Ashton, based in Ammanford, is an independent estate agent with a marketing profile equivalent to that of large estate agents. With a strong focus on providing excellent customer service and being highly pro-active, the dedicated and hardworking team all work together towards the end goal of complete customer satisfaction. Company founder and the firm’s namesake, Anna Ashton, believes that the buying and selling process should be as painless as possible for customers, and she is committed to offering professional advice and service with a smile. Focusing solely on property sales means that there is no distraction of lettings or other add-on business activities. Anna and her team are able to give their full attention to the selling process in order to ensure the best possible outcome for clients as they really care about their needs. The company is also ideally situated just off the M4 motorway, making it convenient to get to. With more than 35 years’ worth of industry experience, in which she took on many different roles and learned all aspects of the estate agency business, Anna has extensive local knowledge and an excellent feel for the marketplace. It is this, plus the personal service offered and great team spirit, that really helps the agency excel and stand out from the rest. “As mainly a family business which works well as a team, we’re able to offer a very personal level of service. It is also vital that any new members integrate into this team well. We are fortunate that our staff have all been people we already know within the industry.” The Covid-19 pandemic affected practically every single professional sector, with subsequent lockdowns seeing many companies and organisations ceasing operations for a time or having to close completely. One sector which saw Best Independent Real Estate Agency - South West Wales a definite uptick in business, however, was the property market, as Anna elaborates. “We found business to be excellent over this period due to people changing their lifestyle requirements,” she says. “Although we have had to keep our doors locked, or work from home, we have still managed to maintain a high level of service and success.” With regards to the future, Anna intends to continue to maintain the excellent standard of service and performance that she has become known for and aims to continue keeping both her customers and staff happy. Company: Anna Ashton Estate Agents Contact: 01269 839392 Email: ammanford@annaashton.wales Web Address: www.annaashton.wales Oct20801

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