Welsh Enterprise Awards 2021

12 | Welsh Enterprise Awards 2021 RPW strives to continue its objective in life to educate, advise, and deliver Radon gas policies to all customers. Its future mission will consist of progressing work with the Welsh Assembly, 22 local authorities on their Schools, Social Housing and Offices, Housing Associations and Health Boards across Wales. RPW is also planning to start a campaign with the Welsh Government Building Control on all new housing, educating, and assisting with preventative measures for Radon. Company: RPW Radon Wales LTD Contact: Richard Waters Web Address: www.rpwradonwales.com Email: info@rpwradonwales.com RPW Radon Wales Limited specialises in Radon gas measurements and risk assessments, who has successfully reduced harmful levels of Radon gas to hundreds of properties throughout the UK. Established as the best Radon detection and reduction services provider in 2021, RPW has over 16 years of experience detecting and controlling Radon gas throughout Wales and is a senior member of the Radon Council of London. RPW Radon Wales Limited’s main aim is to save lives by reducing the risk of lung cancer within the public through research, detection, and reduction of Radon gas levels as currently there are over 2000 deaths recorded every year from Radon Gas in the UK. Additionally, RPW believes that more media coverage is needed on Radon gas to protect people in the UK. Over the years, excessive research has linked adverse health effects with exposure to Radon gas as Radon gas is the most significant cause of lung cancer amongst non-smokers. Radon is also linked to other diseases such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and cancers in children. Overall, Radon has not been policed properly by the government, which means thousands of homes or workplaces in Wales will still have high, dangerous levels and not know about it. If a non- smoker lives in a house or works in a building with Radon gas levels over 200Bq-m3 / 300bq- m3, their chances of contracting lung cancer are significantly higher. RPW is an independent company with no government funding and currently stands as the leading company within Wales to carry out this vital work- fighting against cancer. RPW achieves this through experience and hard work, travelling to all corners of Wales and the UK, testing and reducing this naturally occurring, harmful gas. The produce and service it offers identify Radon gas in schools, homes, hospitals, universities, and workplaces, and then measure it and report the levels. If the levels are over the government limit, RPW provides a survey, design, and Best Radon Detection & Reduction Services Provider - UK installation of radon extraction systems with a 100% success rate of reducing levels. During RPWs 16 plus years in the industry, it has become apparent that people are not aware of Radon gas through quality air-controlled environments in schools, social housing, hospitals, homes, and places of work. Therefore, the company is attempting to educate the public about Radon gas, how it is harmful, and how it can be controlled. RPW has designed hundreds of extraction systems unique to every property and have reduced levels successfully every time. Moreover, The Welsh Assembly, with whom RPW works closely, is actively campaigning for a cleaner air-controlled environment in all homes and workplaces. Health issues regarding Radon are also being addressed (Lung Cancer, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease, and Leukaemia in children). Aug21675 Our Fight Against Cancer