Welsh Enterprise Awards 2021

13 | Welsh Enterprise Awards 2021 Born in the first few weeks of lockdown, The Artisarnie Clwb utilised innovative ability to find a niche in the market- and as such capitalised on a unique opportunity for growth. With core values defined by providing outstanding customer service and unmatched quality, the business excels in not only delivering what the customer orders, but exceeding expectations daily. To find out more, we spoke to Mark Beaumont about Artisarnie Club’s long journey to success, increasing brand loyalty, and subsequently it’s lead over the competition. With a drive for delivering quality like no other, The Artisarnie Clwb ensures every product is made with personalised care and is completely handmade. As a result, outstanding quality is guaranteed, with passion and love going into every sandwich. This proves popular amongst customers, with the business continuing to grow rapidly throughout South Wales, with unmatched brand loyalty, and attracting new customers daily. Mark makes this clear, telling us: “We are a small family run business and all our sandwiches are handmade, our lack of automation amazes visitors but is reflected in the quality of the sandwiches we produce. We use a local bakery for the majority of our bread and try to stay with local suppliers as much as possible.” Catering for a wide variety of events, such as business meetings, training companies, even down to afternoon teas for Mother’s Day. If the customer finds themselves tuning low on food, The Artisarnie Clwb is quickly able to restock. This is just one of the many ways The Artisarnie Clwb maintains its lead over competition, with other businesses operating large scale and demanding higher minimum order quantities and longer lead times. With the effects of the COVID pandemic in mind, the business was willing to utilise the opportunity for growth and adapt its practices to widen the lead over competition. After restrictions were lifted, The Artisanie Clwb recognised some trends remained from the pandemic, paving the way for the market to suit customer wants and needs.Telling us more, Mark told us: “Whilst there have been great relaxations of the restrictions in place for covid-19 we are still being asked for individual lunches -from simple packed lunches to luxury breakfast boxes, and many bespoke lunches for client meetings. Our use of boxes in this way certainly proved very popular with product presentations and training. We feel that this will remain for some time.” With the company’s incredible client centricity and drive towards perfection, it is clear that The Artisarnie Clwb has a strong future ahead of it and is well- deserving of the recognition in this year’s programme. Company: The Artisarnie Clwb Address: Unit 102, Portmanmoor Road Ind Est, Cardiff, CF24 5HB Phone number: 02920498725 Website: www.theartisarnieclwb.co.uk Sep21201 Best Sandwich Manufacturers & Caterers - South Wales “Delicacy for all Occasions”