Welsh Enterprise Awards 2021

16 | Welsh Enterprise Awards 2021 each customer walks away happy, and this is something that Gemini is determined to see happen every time; therefore, if ever there is a problem, it will do its best to resolve it quickly and effectively so that the experience is not tarnished. Lastly, due to this, it has made itself a regional gem, and looks forward to gaining further notoriety in its sector as it moves towards the bright future that is surely in store. Company: Gemini Blinds Gwent Contact: Dave Owen Website: https://www.geminiblindsnewport.co.uk/ All in all, Gemini Blinds Gwent is a custom fit blinds company offering a wide range of blinds for installation in corporate offices, homes, and other professional or domestic spaces. Its variety of options, from the type of blind to the colour, sizing, and installation possibilities, allow it to be a one-stop-shop for blind fitting solutions in the region of South Wales, and it has successfully made itself a mainstay of its industry with its excellence service and great quality products. Gemini Blinds Gwent is a company that covers all manner of blinds. Fundamentally, no matter the client’s sense of style, or what the window they wish to have the blind installed in is shaped like, Gemini promises that it will have a solution perfect for them, and with its wide selection from vertical to venetian, and roller to roman, blackout, and conservatory blinds. Each can be made to measure and at an unbeatable value rate, meaning that a customer can expect dependably excellent service every time. Having been trading across Gwent and Glamorgan for over 40 years, Gemini aims to give the highest quality trading every time, and its customers have come to expect a carefully honed and comprehensive service that takes care of every element of blind installation. Once implemented, a client will find that Gemini blinds are fit to purpose, beautiful, and easy to use. Moreover, alongside the different styles of blind that it can offer to a customer, it can also offer a variety of different colours and ranges that make for an unbeatable choice, having collected and vetted each product it offers according to its own incredibly high standards. Above all things, it’s an independent company that takes pride in setting its own values and going its own way, keeping customer satisfaction at the core of its priority list all the while. Furthermore, it is able to show clients the full range of its offerings in the comfort of the client’s own home! In this manner, it is able to set itself apart from the crowd and make itself a darling of its market segment, with everyone being able to get the blinds they need and have them fitted perfectly to specification, no matter what accessibility factors may make this a Best Made to Measure Blinds Supplier - South Wales challenge for them to achieve otherwise. Serving both domestic and commercial customers across South Wales, Gemini works with an air of professionalism and diligence that has gotten them noticed by an ever-growing roster of customers, each of whom go on to leave it outstanding reviews and refer it to colleagues, family, and friends. Often, the reviews take great pains to point out the great service that each customer is bound to receive when approaching Gemini for their blinds and fittings needs, getting the best quotes promptly and in a friendly manner, with the staff always happy to help in answering any comments, queries, or concerns that they might have. Lauded for quality, efficiency, and the cleanliness of the installation service, Sep21011