Welsh Enterprise Awards 2021

20 | Welsh Enterprise Awards 2021 of the modern motorist perfectly. They push the boundaries of what the car industry offers by putting the needs of their customers first and foremost. That’s why so many people turn to this team not just once, but time after time after time. When Bob Davies started his company, he couldn’t have known what he had begun, but what he created has grown into a titan of Welsh Enterprise. We celebrate their incredible achievement and look forward to what the team will bring to the table in the months and years to come. Company: Bob Davies Car Sales Name: Malcolm Crawford Email: sales@bobdaviescarsales.co.uk For the people of Gwent, the search for a new car stops at Bob Davies Car Sales. Their talent and care for their customers has brought them unprecedented success within the industry. We take a closer look at this family firm, following its triumph in SME News’ Welsh Enterprise Awards 2021. Established in the 1970s by Bob Davies, the 21st Century saw the second generation of car sellers come to the fore. Since 2001, under the leadership of Malcolm and Lisa, the business has gone from strength to strength. While they have grown, they have never forgotten their motto of providing quality cars at sensible prices, and this has allows them to thrive no matter what. A massive amount of the team’s success comes from their customers. They always come back to Bob Davies Car Sales because they know that they can trust what they find. Needless to say, the team have embraced their clients in every sense of the word. Word of mouth is the most powerful marketing tool of all, and with a strong heritage of recommendations, they know that they are doing their jobs right. The team’s approach is one which is incredibly relaxed, offering a no-pressure attitude to finding the car that is right for you. While some sellers specialise in specific models, Bob Davies Car Sales embraces the very best of makes and models. There is something for everyone at this remarkable establishment, and every single car has been competitively priced to stand apart from what the competition has to offer. Every new car is guaranteed to be to the same incredibly high standard that people have come to expect from Bob Davies Car Sales. They are valeted, checked mechanically by specialists, as well as being given a service and new MOT so that you can drive away on the same day you buy it. Their deals are not just the best in the Gwent region, but across the country itself. People comes from miles around just because they trust the Bob Davies Car Sales team to deliver perfection. Of course, buying a new car is not always straightforward. The finance concerns put many Best Pre-Owned Car Dealership - Gwent off some dealers. The team at Bob Davies Car Sales go above and beyond to ensure that their cars can be sold to as many people as possible. Their finance packages, put simply, are without parallel. Quick and easy, they are the best deal that you will find anywhere. Even customers who have poor credit history or unique requirements can find a way forward as the team work with a range of lenders to make what might be impossible to some, a dream come true. When it comes to finding your perfect car, there’s few finer than Bob Davies Car Sales. It’s simply not enough to offer a car that is of the highest quality. Every part of the sales process must match these standards. While established in the 1970s, this is a team that understands the needs Sep21101