Welsh Enterprise Awards 2021

21 | Welsh Enterprise Awards 2021 Mead Farm Foods Ltd is a refreshing and delicious supplier of premium farm shop goods straight from the source. As a hard-working family business, it is keeping the heart of the industry beating. Here we look at Mead Farm as it provides the finest products and services. Established in 2016, Mead Farm Food Ltd is based on the Gwent Levels in Redwick, South Wales. It is a well-run business full of happy animals and, most importantly, lots of love. At the core of the business are family values, excellent ethics, and the highest amount of respect for its customers. As a unit, husband and wife duo run Mead Farm Foods Ltd in Caldicot, South Wales. They believe in the tight-knit, family atmosphere for the best environment. Not only is it run by Izabela and Lawrence, but it is also influenced by their children who help with everything that they can. Izabela and Lawrence have worked very hard to set up and run this farm and they make sure to keep things small and focused. The essential family relationships are strong to create the best environment for personal growth as well as the Best Fresh Produce Supply Chain Business 2021 greatest customer service achievable in the industry. The family are firm believers of good quality food that comes straight from farmers. Its dairy is pasteurised and bottled for the freshest milk available, as well providing its superior butter. All products that it supplies come straight from producers who strive to provide the most ethical and sustainable products. Regularly delivering on time in a swift manner, and by answering all queries in through the website and in other convenient ways, Mead Farm puts customers comfort first to make sure that they build strong and long-lasting relationships. Mead Farm also supplies bread, coffee, eggs, honey, jam, porridge, muesli, and household essentials. It offers all of these items online for people to access easily. Additionally, it delivers all of its fresh produce to customers three times a week so that they may enjoy the most delicious food on a regular basis. In a world of man-made, long-life products that are left on shelves for days on end, this small business is changing the way we see fresh. With ease of access and reliable delivery, Mead Farm is challenging the industry to become better for the customers and for the animals. For the best produce and service visit Mead Farm in person or through their website today. Contact: Izabela Hembrow Company: Mead Farm Foods Ltd Web Address: https://meadfarmfoods.co.uk/ Sep21387