Welsh Enterprise Awards 2021

25 | Welsh Enterprise Awards 2021 The cost of funerals is rising by the day, and many have begun to worry about whether they will leave enough behind to pay for everything. The team at 1stLine Funeral Care have developed some incredibly comprehensive plans to ensure your loved ones are lumbered with the costs. Their work has seen them achieve success in SME News’ Welsh Enterprise Awards 2021 so we dug a little deeper to find out more. A 1stLine Funeral Care plan is more than just a financial plan. It’s guaranteed peace of mind that when you’re gone, the immediate needs of the moment will be well catered for. The team at 1stLine Funeral Care are focused purely on funeral planning, bringing their extensive knowledge of the sector to the fore for people within the industry. When someone turns to 1stLine Funeral Care, they turn to a team that is proud to set the standard when it comes to funeral services, facilities and customer care. No one looks forward to what will happen after they die, but the team make the process as painless as possible. Whilst it can be immensely complex, the team strive to make the whole process as easy and stress-free as possible. A pre-paid funeral plan is a major investment, so it’s very important to ensure that all of the information required is on hand before you decide to buy. Working alongside the 1stLine Funeral Care team, you can make all of the large decisions well in advance, smoothing the path for your loved ones at a difficult time. The funeral process is one where often people are bombarded with questions or complicated lists of options. Working with openness, care and respect has been crucial to this team becoming a trusted example of Welsh Enterprise which has consistently secured such high levels of success. The nature of funeral care means that the team are always focused on the needs of the local Funeral Planning Company of the Year 2021 & Customer Service Excellence Award 2021 community. This specificity of approach allows 1stLine Funeral Care to deliver a service that never compromises on compassion. The secret is an approach which has embraced the needs of people, and always strives to put them first. During the worst of times, they make a real difference to the way in which a funeral goes. The benefits of prepaid funeral plans are numerous. As mentioned before, the choice to think ahead allows many decisions to be made in good time as well as financing these choices early. By planning for the future, it’s possible to pay for these plans in a staggered fashion, making sure that costs are affordable for you. It also means that you can beat the rising funeral costs that are sweeping the nation, meaning that loved ones do not need to suffer from financial distress moving forward. Thinking of the future is not an easy task for anyone, but taking steps at an early stage is a sure-fire way of avoiding any difficulties when you are gone. The 1stLine Funeral Care have built their reputation on their ability to create a plan that is right for their clients, bespoke designed to secure success. Thanks to their peerless efforts, there’s no need to worry about what happens next. It’s a topic that is already well in hand. Company: 1stLine Funeral Care Name: Jason Rosser Email: jason@1stlinefuneralcare.com Sep21475