Welsh Enterprise Awards 2021

6 | Welsh Enterprise Awards 2021 a leading innovator and with a strategic vision for growth. Agxio is quite simply ahead of the competition and continues to amplify its success through partnerships with several well-known Welsh and international companies. Committed to building economic strength in Wales, perfection is no barrier for this business. Using a collaborative business model that aligns with its strategy, Agxio’s team combines business and technical expertise to not only develop cutting-edge technologies, but to revolutionise lives. Dave is clear on this, describing Apollo’s capabilities. “Importantly, the fully automated AI-driven engine doesn’t require the user to be a programming expert or data-science specialist. It enables an expert in a non-data science or machine learning field to be able to study ideas or data that would otherwise take years of experience to be able to analyse and gain insights from.” Ultimately, Agxio is the future. By driving unmatched innovation, there is no business more deserving of this award and recognition. Company: Agxio Address: Agxio Limited, AIEC, Penrhyn-coch, Plas Gogerddan, Aberystwyth SY23 3EE E-mail Address: dgregory@agxio.com Website: https://agxio.com Agxio is the leading innovator of the AI & technology market. Founded in 2018 by a world-class team of award- winning technologists, scientists, entrepreneurs and practitioners, this business is paving the way forward for our future. Combining laser-focused strategic business decisions with best-in-class technologies, such as their flagship product, Apollo, we spoke to Dave Gregory (COO) about Agxio’s road to success, and not only revolutionising the market, but our future. No words could possibly describe Agxio more than the principles of the business culture itself. Through outstanding innovation and knowledge of the biotech, life sciences and agricultural science industries, Agxio embodies the future - and is a clear illustration of technological advancement worldwide. Agxio’s flagship product, Apollo, is a perfect example of this. Apollo is an Artificially Intelligent Automated Machine Learning engine, which has shown the revolutionary way forward for human medicine. This includes being able to predict with great accuracy the efficiency of potential vaccine combinations, outbreak trends, and early warning indicators. Naturally, the events of the last 18 months have put the significance of this product into stark relief. Dave expanded on this, telling us: “Apollo operates at beyond- human-scale performance, enabling the robotic platform to evaluate critical data to produce predictive models to solve real-world problems. It then optimises these to look for patterns or configurations of parameters that human modellers may not even consider, or have the patience to develop, in a matter of hours”. It is clear this business has found a niche in the technology market, with a core competency as Leading Innovators in Applied AI & Machine Learning 2021 Aug21561 “Innovation, Integrity, Excellence”