Welsh Enterprise Awards 2021

9 | Welsh Enterprise Awards 2021 Through an exemplary pristine chauffeur car service, this business is unmatched in its deliverance of quality, and is quite simply a class above the competition. Specialising in business and private VIP travel throughout South Wales and across the United Kingdom, we spoke with Jonathan Horrocks, the owner and founder of Jonny Rocks, on how the business maintains an outstanding prestige service with seamless and outstanding service to clients. Nothing describes this business more than those words. With a luxury and premium service, Jonny Rocks puts the client first. Spotting a niche in the market for a chauffeur car service in Cardiff, Jonny Rocks has bought a world-class style VIP chauffeuring service to the people and businesses of South Wales, ensuring that the highest quality is always maintained for clients. Convenience merely touches the surface of what this business has to offer- as luxury remains prominent for this business- and Jonny Rocks has a great understanding of what the market desires. Ultimately, Jonathan noticed that within the market, that maintaining quality of a class above competition is quintessential to the business’s success. Jonathan continues to discuss this, with every decision being made with outstanding knowledge of the market. “We are finding companies and people are looking at the quality of the service, rather than just the price and they are willing to pay for that exceptional service.” Perfection is no barrier for Jonny Rocks, who remain insistent on constantly adding value to the luxurious service to maintain a class above competition. Jonathan is adamant that the business will continue to grow, stating: “Over the next 3 years, we are now looking to cement our company as the leading UK chauffeur company, that is still a personal service and not an App- Based Service”, ensuring to maintain the niche it has over competition- a service that is not only luxury, but is personal and tailored to the wants and needs of the clientele. Nothing says this more than the offer of a VIP Close Protection Service with Ex Military CP Officers, and in addition, high quality experienced multi-lingual Blue Badge guides for tailor made South Wales Tours. Best Luxury Chauffeur Car Service - South Wales With seamless communication with clientele and continuing to offer a service that is not only luxurious but maintains a personal approach and affiliation with the client, Jonny Rocks continues to be a class above all competition, and as a result, fully deserves this recognition, and this award. Company: Jonny Rocks Ltd Address:Capital Tower, Greyfriars Road, Cardiff , CF10 3AG Phone number: 0333 772 6054 Website: www.luxurychauffeurhirecardiff.co.uk Aug21608 “A Class Above”