Welsh Enterprise Awards 2023

SME News Welsh Enterprise Awards 2023/ 10 Navigation Security Services was opened by Managing Director David Jones in December 2005. For David, the intention behind this endeavour was to open a local company, run by local people, brimming with local knowledge. Cynon Valley, where the firm is located, is a deprived area with a high level of unemployment, so through the curation of Navigation Security Services, the company has been able to remedy this matter and give back to its local community. Both David and Head of Contracts & Sales Rhys Edwards possess a background in the military, and thus boast a unique perspective of what is required from a security service and its systems. We speak with Rhys to learn more about the how the firm operates and the ways its services can be successfully implemented to suit client needs. With more than 50 years of combined knowledge and experience of the security industry between Navigation Security Services’ directors and management team, the company prides itself on an innate ability to offer a bespoke security service that can be tailored to each individual client. In the nearly two decades since its inception, the company has worked incredibly hard to establish itself as a key player in the security field and has collaborated with some major blue-chip companies thanks to its excellent track record of staff and client retention. The firm offers an unparalleled host of security services to every potential client, inclusive of static site security, mobile patrols, key holding, and guard dog handling. Through its partner company Navigation Security Cameras, customers can also utilise rapidly deployed CCTV solutions. Moreover, the company’s unbridled commitment to safety has resulted in a free site survey and risk assessment being implemented prior to any site security being carried out, and this is then all included in the on-site assignment instructions, assuring everyone is well-versed in all of the details and nuances. A 24-hour control room comprises a key component of the company’s professional and accountable offerings, and it is available for the firm’s officers and clients to access at any time. Although the company is based in Wales, Navigation’s expert team of officers can be deployed anywhere in the UK on relatively short notice, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. This showcases a keen commitment by the team to their craft and reinforces customer safety as underpinning the business’ ethics. David has always been keen to grow Navigation Security Services and expand it into the successful business that it is today. Early on in the company’s lifecycle, it was realised that constant interaction with clients was the key to success and thus the way forward for the firm. While other companies seem keen to focus solely on the present, the Navigation team are determined to craft on-going and lasting relationships across the board. As a direct result of this philosophy, the company has nurtured partnerships with clients that stem 15 years or more. Navigation Security Services spends a great deal of time researching and developing as a company, allowing for the time and the means to effectively differentiate itself from the competition. Rhys explains, “while looking at industry competitors, we quickly realised what they were lacking and what we needed to make our guarding different”. Following on from this, body worn, client-led PPE was added as a part of the service, and upon realising that most security companies are reliant on third party CCTV towers, the firm decided to develop its own, with the carbon neutral manufacturing of towers now taking place in Wales. Navigation’s body of work is incredibly impressive, with work having been carried out on projects that are on both national and international scales. Chief among these is the company’s providing of services for the London 2012 Summer Olympics. The firm was approached by G4S and asked to assist in safeguarding the football games held in Cardiff. In just a 24-hour window, more than 20 officers were deployed to cover the Marriott and Hilton hotels, where the players stayed. Ultimately, this was a testing time for officers, who had to quickly settle into their roles in front of the public and media. Moreover, Navigation has provided its security services to the shared site of the Royal Welsh Show and South Wales Kennel Club events for more than ten years now, with these events seeing in excess of 3000 attendees. Officers supplied are required to check all vehicles entering and leaving the site, as some of the display dogs are incredibly value and prime candidates for theft. The teams at these events consist of 18 officers in the day and 10 at night, and the same team has been deployed year-onyear as they are familiar with the site and event organisers. Likewise, the Navigation team proudly supplied both static and mobile security for Balfour Beatty while it was working on the government’s HS2 project. During this tenure, the company’s team of officers were consistently having to deal with protestors and demonstrators and were frequently bombarded with an array of both verbal and physical assaults. Other challenges included the factor that the works that were often carried out on sites that intercepted overhead pylons, so all officers were made to undergo extensive training to guarantee they could work safely and compliantly on the sites. Outside of its exceptional security services, the company has always looked to give back to charity, and to this end, free Best Security Services Firm 2023