Welsh Enterprise Awards 2023

SME News Welsh Enterprise Awards 2023/ 12 Best Health & Safety Accreditation 2023 Alcumus SafeContractor strives to provide organisations with clear and consistent visibility in relation to their supply chains, assisting them in the mitigation of financial and reputational risk, in turn saving them vital time and money. Through an innovative, user-friendly digital platform, organisations are provided an accurate account of its on- and off-site suppliers, allowing for a baseline of its compliance in such essential areas as SSIP (Safety Schemes in Procurement), ESG, and of course, health & safety. The SafeContractor platform also provides organisations access to more than 35,000 verified suppliers and accredited contractors across a diverse range of specialties, allowing for the sourcing of safe, compliant, and ethical partners. We speak with Gemma Archibald, CEO at Alcumus SafeContractor, to find out more about the operation of the business and how it continues to thrive in the marketplace. For more than 20 years, Alcumus SafeContractor has been supporting hiring clients as well as onsite and offsite suppliers, today working with over 55,000 organisations globally. Through its groundbreaking supply chain management solution platform, clients can help reduce their risks and manage events across the supply chain, whether anticipated or not. Endlessly beneficial, the firm provides businesses with the peace of mind that their supply chain is both secure and resilient, with contractors given a platform to demonstrate that they meet the necessary health and safety requirements, as well as a host of other factors such as diversity, equality, and sustainability, all in one handy and easy to use product. Boasting the largest team of in-house health, safety, and ethical auditors in the UK, Alcumus SafeContractor’s overarching vision is “to create a better working world with the safest, most ethical global network of responsible buyers & suppliers.” The company’s technical experts support suppliers and contractors in the collating and submitting of all necessary compliance documentation to its digitalplatform, and all team members adhere to the company’s core values, which include knowing your stuff, being a team player, being brave, and most importantly, enjoying the journey. Organisations have traditionally been concerned with their suppliers’ compliance regarding health and safety legislation. More recently however, Alcumus SafeContractor has seen an increased demand from clients to manage their suppliers’ commitment to ESG-related topics, inclusive of carbon reporting, human trafficking, forced labour, and equality and diversity. With an ever-increasing number of consumers and investors choosing to take their business to companies that possess upstanding moral and ethical values, organisations have a greater need now than ever before to demonstrate their commitment to these principles. Having continuously developed its supply chain compliance solutions to keep up with shifts in attitudes and industry trends, Alcumus SafeContractor is able to ensure its clients can effectively capture these evolving requirements. With fierce competition in the sector, Alcumus SafeContractor has adopted an array of strategies to differentiate itself and establish a reputation as a company at the forefront of the market. One key method to achieving this is the company’s team of in-house technical experts, all qualified and experienced health and safety professionals who rigorously audit their clients’ supply chains, improving important areas such as health and safety, to meet their desired standards. Another noteworthy way this is undertaken is through a comprehensive supplier onboarding process. By taking this task off their clients, they are left completely free to focus on other critical tasks, while remaining assured that the experts have got things covered. Moreover, the firm is set apart by its credentials, boasting the claim of being one of the first SSIP registered members to become UKAS accredited, opening the company up to a higher degree of external scrutiny to ensure operations are running smoothly. Alcumus SafeContractor is also, “absolutely fanatical about delivering a great service”, with every client afforded a customer success manager who offers guidance and possesses the ability to answer any and all questions. Alcumus SafeContractor also comprises an independent health & safety and HR consultancy solution, SafeWorkforce, designed to help organisations understand and meet their H&S and HR requirements. SafeWorkforce provides businesses with the tools to proactively reduce risks to their employees and to their business while strengthening policies and equipping teams to implement them throughout the organisation. As a company that celebrates its nationality and Welsh status, Alcumus SafeContractor is exceptionally proud to have the privilege of interacting with Welsh people on a daily basis. From employees to clients, Welsh people are famous for their kind demeanour and being pleasant to do business with. Moreover, the firm works tirelessly to ensure that local Welsh suppliers are used wherever possible, taking a proactive approach to the managing of its global footprint while simultaneously being able to support local business and SMEs wherever possible. Never content to settle, Alcumus SafeContractor offers a fast-paced and ambitious environment that is always striving for more. The expert team is passionate about truly understanding their customers, making sure that the products and propositions for success are at their disposal and that all of their evolving needs can be effectively and efficiently catered for. Through this approach, the company has experienced growth year-on-year, and this is down to its magic ingredient – its amazing people. Some of the brightest talent in the country is recruited, and a culture is fostered that nurtures innovation and fresh ideas every single day. Looking ahead to the future, Alcumus SafeContractor assures that it has an array of exciting projects in the pipeline to be announced and introduced over the next three years or so. From global expansion through to expanding its portfolio of products and clients, the future is certainly bright and filled with endless opportunity. Gemma encourages anybody who is interested in the company’s services to regularly visit its website and social media platforms for exciting updates. Whatever the future of the company has in-store, its commitment to providing stellar health and safety and SSIP accreditation, combined with an unwavering dedication to excellent customer service and recruiting and nurturing the best and brightest talent Wales has to offer, stands the company in excellent stead for the future. Alcumus SafeContractor is more than deserving of this award for its outstanding solutions, which are sure to continue to innovate and revolutionise the industry. Contact: Karina Hicks Company: Alcumus SafeContractor Web Address: https://www.safecontractor.com/