Welsh Enterprise Awards 2023

For organisations of all kinds, it is essential that technology works when it’s supposed to. This is especially true in education, where technical difficulties can take precious learning time away from children and young people. However, the reality is that things will probably go wrong at some point in time. In these difficult situations, schools and businesses alike need to have access to a responsive IT support service that won’t make them wait a week or more for issues to be resolved. This is where Pentre Tech comes in, offering a number of support packages that can be tailored to meet the client’s needs and required budget. Through its remote support services, Pentre Tech is able to fix clients’ technical issues on the spot, often before they even notice the problem. Through its meticulous desktop support services and a 24/7 monitoring system that runs every day of the year, the company can resolve most problems immediately without needing to schedule an in-person visit. However, if the team are unable to fix something offsite, they will swiftly send a highly skilled IT support technician in to tackle the problem. Furthermore, Pentre Tech offers emergency response and backup services, as part of which it will provide support to clients if their servers crash. This is a fairly uncommon event but can have disastrous consequences. The company’s safety net ensures an exceptionally fast response time, with remote support and engineers on hand to protect clients’ systems. In addition, Pentre Tech delivers cloud backup services, as part of which it will protect their critical data with offsite backups. Alongside its IT support services, Pentre Tech also provides clients with hardware and software solutions at competitive prices, saving them precious money. The company’s team are seasoned specialists in education technology and are therefore highly familiar with what teachers need to do their jobs effectively and what students need to learn. Pentre Tech’s installation and support packages ensure that clients benefit from market-leading connectivity. The company’s broadband and fibre to the cabinet services are often the most cost-effective solution. However, it also offers secure and dedicated fibre leased lines, as well as Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Lines (ADSL) when nothing else is available. Moreover, with Pentre Tech, clients can say goodbye to patchy and unstable Wi-Fi. The company offers network systems that are designed to provide them with great wireless signal strength and seamless coverage in all necessary areas, including complete outdoor grounds coverage if needed. Impressively, Pentre Tech was a silver award winner in the Champions in a Crisis category at the Business Champion Awards 2022. The company received this esteemed accolade for its provision of outstanding IT support work, which played a significant role in ensuring that primary school IT systems continued to run throughout the pandemic. This was important for enabling children to learn from home and ensuring that teachers could carry out their lessons effectively despite the circumstances. Pentre Tech’s primary objective has always been to go above and beyond to ensure that children and teachers have the IT services they need, empowering learning through the use of technology. As a small family run firm, the company was thrilled to win such a prestigious award and it meant a lot to the whole team. Pentre Tech prides itself on its ability to offer the best customer service to its clients. For this, the company has received a number of positive reviews, including one from Jamie Long, who comments, “I have had the pleasure of working with Steve and the Pentre Tech team for many years. It is hard to put into words how amazing they have been, and even harder to quantify the amount of time and money they have saved us! No question, query, issue, or job is a problem – you ask, they do. Everything is handled quickly, professionally, efficiently, and always in the best interests of the customer.” As a result of its unparalleled standard of service, Pentre Tech has been named Leading Champions in Education Technology in the Welsh Enterprise Awards 2023. In the future, the company hopes to grow within all areas, utilising its technical skills to provide both teachers and students with a better experience all round. Contact: Steve Sinnott Company: Pentre Tech LTD Web Address: www.ptes.co.uk Serving Cheshire and the Wirral, Liverpool, and North Wales, Pentre Tech is an education technology company that offers a range of on-site, remote, and cloud-based IT solutions, along with the best technical support. Since its establishment, the company has amassed more than 20 years of experience delivering a truly comprehensive approach to schools and businesses in the education sector. Leading Champions in Education Technology 2023