Welsh Enterprise Awards 2023

Conveniently situated within the quiet village of Whitchurch, Cardiff, La Beauté Boutique is a multi-awardwinning boutique salon that provides clients with excellent treatments, making them feel completely relaxed and pampered. The salon was built from the passions of Founder Lacy Farrow, an advanced practitioner who has worked in the beauty industry for more than 25 years. Here, we explore her journey and the La Beauté Boutique experience. Best Full-Service Beauty Salon 2023 - South East Wales Having gained extensive experience working in salons, spas, management, and business, Lacy leveraged the knowledge she had gained throughout her professional career to create La Beauté Boutique and build it into what it is today. From the moment they walk through the salon’s doors, clients can leave the stress and strain of their challenging daily lives behind them. Within the salon’s friendly and pleasant atmosphere, they can indulge in treatments that will provide them with the utmost relaxation and peaceful escapism. Whilst it specialises in hot wax application, La Beauté Boutique delivers a broad range of services, including classic essential beauty, body treatments, Guinot, Thalgo, Image MD, Nouveau Lash, LVL, Kissed by Mii, Jessica nail systems, and Magpie Beauty. In her delivery of these offerings, Lacy aims to exceed clients’ expectations, delivering a bespoke and personal service to provide them with a fivestar overall experience. Although she is familiar with the highly competitive nature of the beauty industry, Lacy chooses to only compete with herself. In this, she aims to prioritise the success of her own salon by focusing on the needs and satisfaction of her clients. She believes that even the smallest of treatments should leave them feeling relaxed, confident, and excited to return. Whilst beauty trends tend to change yearly, there has recently been a significant shift towards the use of sustainable, natural, and organic products. However, it can be challenging for salons to invest in products that are environmentally friendly and cruelty free when results are also a priority. La Beauté Boutique is proud to align itself with strong brands that have invested in research and use ethically sourced ingredients whilst demonstrating a proven track record of success. Lacy believes that effective communication is vital to La Beauté Boutique’s success. For this reason, she prioritises openness and honesty, facilitating empowering and positive conversation with each of her clients. Furthermore, Lacy believes that, by continuously keeping up to date with the ever-changing face of beauty through education, she can strive for excellence in via treatments and help clients make informed beauty decisions. Over the years, La Beauté Boutique has received a number of positive reviews on Google, resulting in its impressive five-star rating. For example, one satisfied customer explains, “I really can’t speak highly enough about La Beauté Boutique! With outstanding care, attention to detail, and professionalism, the service is always amazing. Lacy goes out of her way to provide the very best; I really can’t imagine going anywhere else. She is so committed to her clients and shows incredible dedication. She is also highly skilled and very experienced. Thank you, thank you, thank you!” As a result of its unparalleled standard of service, La Beauté Boutique has been awarded Best Full-Service Beauty Salon in the Welsh Enterprise Awards 2023. In the future, Lacy plans to continue exceeding clients’ expectations by delivering exceptional health and beauty treatments. In 2019, Lacy launched her “Wax Away the Fear of the Smear” campaign, where she offers a free intimate wax in preparation for their smear test. Lacy told Business News Wales: “This is about raising awareness and proactively trying to make changes. It's not about dictating how women should groom or about making money, this is about using a successful business model to create something positive. I want the whole beauty profession to join in.” This campaign was constructed around Lacy’s knowledge and passion for preventing cervical cancer, and a desire to empower women who wish to take part in preparing for their smear test this way. Furthermore, Lacy is proud to be the creator and Co-Founder of a newly launched campaign, “On It,” which aims to combat period poverty. As part of this, she is providing free sanitary and hygiene products to all salon visitors, hoping that other businesses across Wales and the UK will follow suit. In the future, Lacy plans to continue raising awareness about women’s health and participating in fundraising for related causes. Company: La Beauté Boutique Health & Beauty Web Address: labeauteboutique.co.uk