Welsh Enterprise Awards 2023

Based in Newport, Hexa was founded by Ben Davies and Stuart Mason, two finance professionals who were united by their mission to make business finance more accessible and relatable. Since then, the company has achieved significant success, helping businesses across a broad range of industries to access the finance they need to grow. Impressively, it has been recognised for its excellent services to the UK economy and won Start Up of the Year, Wales, for its outstanding B2B offerings. Today, Hexa provides a range of commercial finance products to UK businesses, encompassing asset finance, invoice finance, and business loans. It has also recently launched a corporate finance offering, which will enable it to support customers at every stage of their business lifecycle. From businesses seeking competitive finance solutions to suppliers of equipment who want to provide trusted finance options to their customers, Hexa serves a diverse range of clients. Its outsourced and advisory products enable suppliers, lenders, and banks to deliver the very best service and experience to their clients, whilst remaining up to date with the ever-evolving risk and regulatory environment. Committed to staying true to its vision and brand, Hexa prides itself on its maintenance of six core values: simplicity is key, be fair and transparent, always communicate, your time matters, enjoy what we do, and keep moving forward. These are not only integral to the internal culture of the company but also to the quality of its solutions and services. At Hexa, clients are the top priority. With an in-depth understanding of the challenges businesses face when it comes to accessing the right finance options, the firm aims to learn about clients’ goals then identify the products and services they need to succeed and grow. Hexa sets itself apart from other financial services businesses through its unique ability to find solutions for all clients, regardless of their business type or sector. Furthermore, with the client at its core, Hexa strives to serve as a one-stop shop for all business finance requirements by continuing to expand its offerings. Through this, the firm aims to support clients now and far into the future, even as their business grows and changes. Internally, Hexa is equipped with a growing team of 13 staff members, consisting of many individuals with strong backgrounds in lending and finance. However, the firm also recruits new and ambitious talent, having recently onboarded its first two apprentices in association with Cardiff & The Vale College. Hexa believes that their contribution will help the industry grow and develop in the years to come. Based in the firm’s Newport offices, Hexa’s close-knit team are dedicated to effectively serving their clients, operating based on a culture that reflects the firm’s customer-centric approach and passion for teamwork and interaction. In order to foster their continued professional development, it is proud to run its very own training programme, the Hexacademy, through which it provides both employees and clients with best-in-class training on all aspects of finance and business. In honour of its unmatched client-centric approach to everything it does, Hexa Finance has been named Most Client-Focused Financial Services Business in the Welsh Enterprise Awards 2023. In the years to come, the firm plans to engage in partnerships that will allow more people and businesses to benefit from its excellent services. Currently, it has some exciting joint ventures in the pipeline, including a collaboration with Ideal4Finance that will enable it to serve the B2C market. Contact: Ben Davies Company: Hexa Finance Limited Web Address: www.hexafinance.co.uk Incorporated in 2020, Hexa Finance Limited is a dynamic financial services and consultancy company with decades of experience in its field. Having worked at some of the UK’s largest lenders and independent financial services businesses, the firm’s team are well-equipped to provide clients with the information they need to successfully secure business finance. Here, we dive into Hexa’s steadfast dedication to its clients and its resulting success in the Welsh Enterprise Awards 2023. Most Client-Focused Financial Services Business 2023