Welsh Enterprise Awards 2023

SME News Welsh Enterprise Awards 2023/ 28 Most Innovative Life Sciences AI Technology Company 2023 Leveraging next-generation technology to pave the way towards the future of the biotech, life sciences, and agricultural science industries, Agxio is a Gen-AI, data science, and machine learning specialist that has made quite the name for itself. Since its establishment in 2018, it has already come leaps and bounds in solving realworld problems with the help of expert AI applications. Join us as we delve into the issues that Agxio is determined to resolve, whilst remaining true to the union between organic and technological intelligence. Comprised of award-winning technologists, scientists, entrepreneurs, and practitioners, Agxio has developed a range of some of the industry’s most advanced AI applications. Able to deliver detailed, beyond-humanscale solutions to solve the world’s most complicated real-world issues, Agxio has earned regional renowned for its accomplishments in such a short space of time. With only five years to its name, it already has an exceptionally clear goal in mind – to augment domain specialists with tools for automated data science analytics and generative AI tools – in the hopes that it can drastically accelerate the growth of AI innovation within respective fields. In pursuit of this goal, Agxio leverages its suite of cutting-edge tools to address the wide array of critical problems throughout industries and health alike. In turn, this has allowed it to fully direct its focus onto niche sectors – the likes of which are often overlooked due to their undeniable complexity. These areas are inclusive of animal health monitoring and analytics for livestock, human health analytics and pathology to design and augment pathways for timely diagnoses and treatment interventions, animal microbiome analysis to restore and rebalance the health and performance of animals’ microbiomes, and a plethora of novel drug assay innovations. Fundamentally, Agxio is at the forefront of AI application innovation. However, what makes it truly special is its low-code and Gen-AI platform. Able to dramatically increase solutions on a monumental scale, Agxio promises access to some of the most streamlined solutions to date. In addition, it even goes so far as to include a data and industry-agnostic platform – named Apollo – with its product suite. Apollo was designed with automation in mind. More specifically, it focuses on the automation of building machine learning solutions. As such, practitioners can focus on the more pressing urgencies of their respective fields, without having to tirelessly work to become specialists in data science or machine learning. Without its core values, or consistent innovation and willingness to experiment with the boundaries of what technology can do, however, Agxio wouldn’t be where it finds itself today. Its team is constantly redefining brilliance with each new discovery – whether it’s due to a strong, communicative network, or its desire to take responsibility for the impact that its products have on its clients. Regardless, Agxio is always striving to reach the best outcomes, and is determined to do so in the most efficient and sustainable way possible. AI is often viewed as something to be wary of, and yet Agxio is eager to embrace it and spread word of its potential to the masses. If you’re someone who is invested in the development of AI to solve real-word issues, Agxio presents a fantastic insight that’s fully backed by brilliance. It holds the astonishing capabilities to completely reinvent the way we use technology, and it’s made for various industry-changing revelations in recent years. Agxio stands as a testament to the possibilities presented, should a collective be willing to work together to achieve something truly great. For this reason, we’re indescribably excited to see where its innovative approaches take it in the coming years. Contact: Dr Stephen Christie / Dave Gregory Company: Agxio Web Address: https://agxio.com/ Dr Stephen Christie, CEO