Welsh Enterprise Awards 2023

expanded into other industries to support the development of the recruitment industry. In recent times, the recruitment industry has developed, and businesses have adapted the way they fulfil their customers’ demands. These changes have included remote working, further reliance on AI tools, and internal upskilling. Totec stays agile in its approach with customised contract agreements to suit individual needs. The company is a member of the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) and adheres to all statutory guidelines, providing reassurance to all parties involved. By utilising the latest efficient database management systems, the company can ensure its maintains streamlined operations. Its hitech systems are frequently updated through candidate networking, new campaigns, and individual assignment searches. With its realtime technology, Totec is able to accurately match candidates to open vacancies and quickly assemble a highly skilled workforce. Totec recognises that the continuous hard work of its staff has paved the way for the company’s ongoing success. Through its employees’ steadfast commitment, Totec is able to consistently form new connections with clients and generate further business. These practices are fundamental to Totec’s future development and continued prosperity. 4theRegion, in Southwest Wales, is a purposedriven engagement hub and membership alliance. Through its membership, Totec helps to promote collaboration and empowerment for likeminded businesses in South Wales. The company has also recently joined the TEAM network, the UK’s largest network of independent recruiters, in order to develop supportive working relationships with other independent recruiters. The TEAM network’s support services include training, legal advice, legislative information, and TEAM exchange, where recruiters can collaborate and share candidates for mutual benefit. The future looks promising for Totec Recruitment as it continues to build on its 50 years of successful trading. The company aims to support its region by collaborating with businesses and organisations across South Wales. Totec Recruitment remains steadfast in its commitment to developing strong client relationships and continually striving for excellence. It is the company’s mission to continue providing total staffing solutions to companies across the UK and abroad for years to come. For its delivery of outstanding results and client-centric service, Totec Recruitment has received our award for this year’s Best Family-Run Recruitment Agency. Contact: Viv Phillips Company: Totec Recruitment Web Address: https://www.totec-recruitment.co.uk/