Welsh Enterprise Awards 2023

SME News Welsh Enterprise Awards 2023/ 8 Most Trusted Wildlife & Environmental Consultancy 2023 Badger Ecology Ltd – a UK-based ecological consultancy – is set on providing ecological mitigation solutions for construction, civil engineering, Government level projects and disease mitigation. Join us as we explore the extent of Badger Ecology Ltd’s services, and how its work has contributed towards the construction and wildlife industry. Badger Ecology ltd - owned and managed by George Walters MCIEEM – is an ecological consultancy that leverages its team’s immense wealth of expertise to provide a variety of services and solutions alike. Comprised of an environmental project manager, whose experience in the management of public sector contracts within the ecological field and multiple experienced ecological consultants, Badger Ecology Ltd promises talent in droves. In turn, these wildlife professionals have equipped themselves with a deep knowledge of wildlife law and legislation – a quality that has assisted a host of clients throughout the UK. Having overseen over 300 ecological site surveys since its inception, Badger Ecology Ltd has garnered quite the region-wide reputation. Delivering services such as habitat suitability surveys, invasive species surveys, protected species surveys, preliminary ecological appraisals, ecological impact assessments, artificial badger sett construction and closures, ecological site supervision, project management, monitoring surveys, badger surveys, and bait-making surveys and tracking studies. Badger Ecology Ltd promises assistance in every vein. Its guidance is nothing short of exemplary, no matter the service, which ultimately places it in the perfect position to make a real impact to clients projects, both large and small. Though Badger Ecology Ltd has a wealth of services at its disposal, the one that truly distinguishes it as a collective wanting to offer tailored bio-security solutions to the farming community across the UK with its badger vaccination programs. As the name suggests, this method of reducing the spread of Bovine TB is simple. Once captured, the badgers will be injected with BCG, before being released back into their natural habitat. The aim is to greatly reduce the risk of Bovine TB spreading between badgers and cattle. Among its other services, this perfectly demonstrates Badger Ecology Ltd’s most differentiating characteristic – it’s a pragmatic collective that focuses on delivering solutions that fall in line with its nature. This is accomplished, all whilst maintaining a consistent level of environmental sustainability and innovation. One of its most notable examples is the badger-specific project management that it conducted on the A40 improvement works. By leveraging its extensive skillset, Badger Ecology Ltd has managed to secure a positive environmental impact on this project, all whilst maintaining a future legacy for Pembrokeshire’s wildlife in this area. Though its consultancy is small, Badger Ecology Ltd has already become an invaluable partner for some of the most significant infrastructure projects across the UK. This doesn’t mean, however, that it has neglected its duty to assist private landowners and small development projects – on the contrary, it has remained committed to a consistent level of excellence, regardless of who requires its services. Badger Ecology Ltd demonstrates an intrinsic understanding of the needs of individuals throughout the region, and has gone above and beyond in devising solutions that will have a lasting, positive impact on both people and wildlife alike. In addition to these impressive feats, Badger Ecology Ltd boasts a variety of further accomplishments that we are very eager to share. When we spoke with George Walters of Badger Ecology Ltd, he detailed how “… we have held multiple public sector contracts, ranging from habitat surveys, DNA hair sampling projects, badger surveys, and badger vaccination, which have all been delivered successfully. We are familiar with the needs and requirements of Natural Resources Wales, Natural England, the Office of the Chief Veterinary Officer for Wales, APHA and DEFRA and have completed work under protected species licenses for the Welsh Government and Natural Resources Wales over 140 times…”. Clearly, Badger Ecology Ltd holds an unwavering commitment to providing expert solutions to its clients. Badger Ecology Ltd stands as proof that people and nature can work in harmony, as opposed to disrupting one another’s lives. It promises solutions that are founded on dedicated research, extensive expertise. Badger Ecology Ltd stands as an exception. Through delivering services that are both incredibly accessible, and filled to the brim with passion, it exemplifies a drive to invite change, without having to drastically alter a natural pattern in order to achieve it. It’s for this reason that we are incredibly excited to share that Badger Ecology Ltd has a multitude of plans that it looks to bring to fruition in the coming years. Having recently won a Welsh Government contract to vaccinate badgers as part of a farm biosecurity drive in Anglesey. The project, as with Badger Ecology Ltd’s current operations, aims to reduce the spread of Bovine TB within the area, and will run until 2026. Truly, Badger Ecology Ltd has a brimming future ahead of it, and we can’t wait to see how its services continue to improve the state of the region’s ecology. For too long has Bovine TB been widely viewed as an impassable obstacle. Thanks to consultancies like Badger Ecology Ltd, badger vaccination programs seem to have become the new solution. Contact: George Walters Company: Badger Ecology LTD Web Address: https://badgerecology.co.uk/