Yorkshire & the Humber Enterprise Awards 2017

SME NEWS / Yorkshire & Humber Enterprise Awards 2017 5 , and confident that Liberty Trading will stick to its ethic which will lead it to become the best. “Ultimately, we aim and will be the best internet retailer in the country. That is a tall order, with many great and varied competitors out there. We will do this in our incremental way, improving and growing each year and increasing our offering all the time. We will always stick to our ethics of providing great products at great prices with great service.” Contact: Patrick Bywater Contact Email: patrick@libertytrading.co.uk Address: 3 Norman Court, Albion Road, Carlton Industrial Estate, Barnsley, South Yorkshire, S71 3TE, UK Phone: 01226 872446 Web Address: www.libertytrading.co.uk www.bridgetsboutique.co.uk Liberty Trading are a customer focused online retailer based in Yorkshire, offering an exciting collection of original and affordable gifts for him, for her, for kids and for the home. Patrick Bywater gives us an insight into the company’s success and what targets it sets itself. Best Online Gifts Retailer 2017 Liberty Trading are dedicated to finding the latest in gift ideas, from the latest trends through to traditional and retro style items, whilst always ensuring the firm puts the customer first in all it does. Patrick outlines the firm’s overall mission, explaining how it aims to be the leading internet gift retailer, looking to surpass expectations in all aspects of the business. “Here at Liberty Trading, we aim to be the best internet gift retailer in the UK by always exceeding customer expectations, continuing to surprise our customers by the product offered and being trusted to treat the customer as number one at all times. “This mission will be achieved as we set about making the workplace an excellent one to be. i.e. a happy workforce will always give excellent service and will exceed the service they would expect themselves when they buy online.” Patrick clarifies to us the firm’s products, the systems within the company and the processes it goes through to ensure that the company is in the best position to provide a top quality service. “In addition, we spend a lot of time sourcing and designing our products, using experts in the UK, agents in china and visiting the factories across the globe. Our systems and processes are state of the art so that when a customer places an order it is ready to pick and send out immediately.” Believing it is the best in the business, Patrick comments on how the attitude of the whole company, from the top to bottom, with the internal culture and working environment providing a true example of how to run a successful company. Variety within the job role is something that keeps staff on their toes, whilst also guaranteeing that the company only stocks gifts and products suitable for selling is another reason Patrick attributes to its achievements. “Simply put, I believe we are the best because we have the attitude that we all want to see the company do well. Liberty has a real team atmosphere with everyone having an input into all aspects of the job. There are no fixed job roles, and you can be picking orders for customers in week one, and helping design a new brand or logo in week two. In our business, everybody has a voice and opinion that is listened to. “Thinking cleverly, we are careful to put forward only gifts and products we would be happy to buy ourselves. That means that there is often a lot of our own YOR17005 personality in the products we sell. If there was not, we would not have the passion and belief in the product and if we did not how could we expect a customer to have that passion for the product.” Loyal to its roots, the founder of Liberty Trading is from Barnsley and this is one of the main reasons as to why the company is based in Yorkshire, as Patrick discusses. He goes on to list why else he thinks Yorkshire is a good place to be based. “The main reason is that the founder of the business is Barnsley born and bred. However, there are many other advantages to being based in Yorkshire. The people are great; the key to the business is happy friendly and enthusiastic staff. That is what makes the business a success; “The location is vital to our success, as Barnsley is in the middle of the UK, and the UK is in the middle of the world time zone. We are literally in the middle of the world. Along with great people are skilled people, with no egos to match.” Lastly, with the vision of the company to be the best internet retailer in the country, Liberty Trading have a target in my mind and will stop at nothing to achieve this goal. Growing every year, Patrick is clearly excited

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