Yorkshire & the Humber Enterprise Awards 2017

6 SME NEWS / Yorkshire &Humber Enterprise Awards 2017 , Contact: Laura Colenso Contact Email: laura@inflow.global Address: York Eco Business Centre, Amy Johnson Way, York, YO30 4AG, UK Phone: 01904 551161 Website: www.inflow.global In Flow is an innovative training company which accelerates business performance by unlocking people’s ability to communicate. Laura Colenso Director of Buy One Give One at In Flow, tells us more about the company, giving us further insight into its success. Best Business Performance Training Provider 2017 In Flow works with many businesses across the Yorkshire and Humber region. It is a specialist communication skills training company and works with corporate organisations, predominantly in the fields of technology and finance. In Flow has recently launched its flagship; Communication Skills Accelerator. This three-part programme gives business people the tools they need to communicate effectively in any situation. Laura outlines the company’s overall mission. “Here at In Flow, our mission is to help businesses in the digital age re connect with the power of the spoken word. We believe there is incredible power at the intersection of performance and communication. Future proofng a business is not only about streamlining processes and driving efficiency, it is about ensuring that people at all levels of an organisation can communicate effectively to aid collaboration and accelerate change.” What helps to make In Flow stand out is that it was founded by certified NLP Trainer and former professional actor Dominic Colenso, who has starred in numerous productions on stage and screen. He now shares the skills that actors use to help business people become more effective and confident communicators. Laura describes his influence and how he has helped the firm to differentiate itself from others. “Dominic developed our unique In Flow methodology which draws on both acting-based performance techniques and the neuro-science behind them. Our programmes are completely practical and give delegates a chance to experiment with their new-found skills in a safe and supportive environment before they successfully deploy them back into the business.” Overall, there are many benefits now and in the future to being based in Yorkshire, as Laura mentions. As a York based business, the plans for York Central are very exciting and could bring bigger businesses to the city. “Being based in Yorkshire actually gives us a UK wide reach. We are centrally located and have got transport links both north and south allowing us to work with customers across the country. Yorkshire also has a huge pool of talent that we have drawn on to build our team. YOR17004 “Ultimately, we are already lucky enough to have many world class companies based here and the development will really put York on the map for companies looking for a new base outside of the saturated London market.”

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