Yorkshire & the Humber Enterprise Awards 2017

SME NEWS / Yorkshire & Humber Enterprise Awards 2017 7 , “Ultimately, Wescot have accredited over 200 colleagues on our Apprenticeship programme and currently have seven Apprentices who have recently joined our Wescot Academy in Hull. On successful achievement of their qualification they will become full-time colleagues in our business.” Contact: Mike Rustill Contact Email: Mike.Rustill@wescot.co.uk Address: Jarratt Street, Hull, HU1 3HB, UK Phone: 01482 484673 Website: www.wescot.co.uk Wescot are a specialist ReceivableManagement Company, at any time managing over £14bn of client consumer and commercial receivable assets. Mike Rustill provides us withmore details about the company and what services it provides to clients. Best Debt Collection Agency 2017 Established in 1973, Wescot employs over 800 people, with its head office based in Hull, but also employs people across other sites in Glasgow and Saltcoast. The company is authorised and regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority and is a member of the Credit Services Association. Mike gives an overview of the services that the company provides, highlighting the firm’s objectives and aims. “Working on behalf of clients in banking, utility, telecoms and retail whose customers have fallen behind with their repayments, we recognise that people are at the heart of everything we do, people who deserve to be respected and treated fairly. Our sector-leading and award winning personal development arrangements are built on it too. “Our people work incredibly hard to achieve the company’s mission, and our objective is to create and operate a business model based on helping people to resolve debt issues without making their situation any worse, but simultaneously to secure repayment of outstanding monies for clients.” Mike believes that Wescot achieve this objective by creating a robust ethical framework within which its objectives can be delivered consistently. Therefore, the team focuses on its colleagues, and how to ensure people deliver the best service possible. “It is our colleagues who play a pivotal role in transforming our vision into a sustainable reality when communicating with our customers. We are a people business, and the development of our people is key to our success.” Lastly, Mike is keen to talk about the company’s award-winning apprenticeship programme, which he believes is a key aspect of what makes Wescot successful. YOR17007 “Our award-winning Apprenticeship programme is a key contributor to our people strategy objectives in that it has provided a framework of best practice supporting the shape of our competency framework and training interventions. Fundamentally, the programme is integrated into our way of working and provides insight and evidence of competence to the individual and our customers. It has demonstrated that investment in our people is rewarded with loyalty and commitment, and ensures the programme grows year on year.

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