Yorkshire & the Humber Enterprise Awards 2017

SME NEWS / Yorkshire & Humber Enterprise Awards 2017 9 , Harris Solicitors are Criminal Defence Specialists, the firm is renowned for their hard work and commitment to each case. The company lead by Tariq Khan and Atta Rehman, believe in a proactive and robust approach. Tariq Khan tells us more about the company and the service it offers. Criminal Defence Specialist of the Year 2017 - West Yorkshire Harris Solicitors deals with all aspects of criminal defence work, ranging from Police Station work, Magistrates Court, Crown Court and Court of Appeal related matters. Since the establishment of the firm in 2010, Harris Solicitors has gone from strength to strength. It has dealt with high profile cases, and in 2013 it became a recognised member of the Very High Costs Panel. Currently, Harris Solicitors is building on its strong reputation, the firm has a track record of dealing with each case diligently and expeditiously. The strength of the firm lies with the team, the dedication and attention to detail are second to none. The firm deals with many multi complex and Proceeds of Crime Act cases (POCA) and has excelled from case to case. The team works closely with senior barristers, Queens Counsel and Defence experts nationally as well as other law firms and regulatory bodies. Tariq outlines the overall mission of the firm, explaining what the team aims to achieve and what he believes sets the company apart from other similar law firms. “We at Harris Solicitors aim to provide the best possible legal representation to all our clients regardless of the nature of offence, the firm is already a market leader and provides an invaluable service to make sure all matters are dealt with at the highest standards, what sets us apart is the team, we have provided our staff with the highest level of training to ensure they are fully equipped to deal with any matter effectively, efficiently and competently.” Harris Solicitors deal with an extensive range of cases, from simple motoring offences to high level crime in the Crown Court. The firm has many years of collective experience in dealing with cases for some of the more serious matters such as Terrorism and Murder. The team has successfully secured acquittals in many such cases and continues to thrive, expand and excel when dealing with top level matters. Tariq Khan discusses the internal culture at Harris Solicitors and talks about the techniques and attributes of staff which help guarantee that the staff are equipped to provide the best possible service to all their clients. “It is very important to us at Harris Solicitors that we invest in our staff, we provide high level of training to build on their existing knowledge this in turn ensures that our high standards are never compromised. We work on our staffs strengths and enhance them and this is what sets us apart from other law firms. Training and investment in our staff are the key elements in providing the best service. We are a multicultural organisation and as our clients come from many YOR17011 different cultures and backgrounds we can provide a service which can be catered to any client.” Ultimately there seems to be a bright future in store for Harris Solicitors as Tariq Khan predicts what the future holds for the company, as well as commenting on the ambition of the firm how it hopes to expand across the U.K. and possibly Europe. Tariq signs off by mentioning what upcoming developments he foresees within the Yorkshire and Humber area and welcoming and embracing new opportunities. “With regard to the future, Harris Solicitors intend to be the market leaders both nationally and internationally, whilst the firm has an ambition to help shape the law by taking cases to the highest courts in the UK and Europe. The firm already deals with the highest reported cases nationally, and understands that in order to achieve its success it needs to be transparent and in a position to adapt with the trends of the legal industry. With a stringent hiring structure, Harris Solicitors only employs qualified legal representatives with years of experience and equipped to deal with the most serious of cases. “Looking ahead, the criminal funding through legal aid is rapidly changing, and firms are merging to keep expenditure to a minimum. Harris Solicitors adapt to such changes by giving its clients access to its services across the country. The firm ensures its lawyers and advocates are available nationally, travelling to ensure continued representation. Specifically, within the Yorkshire and Humber, the main changes that are to be foreseen are the closure of more police station and Magistrates Courts, plus longer sitting hours for the Courts. As mentioned, Harris Solicitors welcome these changes and have already put measures in place to ensure it can continue to provide the best possible service to its clients, notwithstanding these changes in the legal sector.” Contact: Mr Tariq Khan Contact Email: mail@harrissolicitors.org.uk Address: 39 Infirmary Street. Bradford, BD1 3SF, United Kingdom Tel: 01274 392177 Fax: 01274 392685 Web Address: www.harrissolicitors.org.uk Serious fraud and complex crime specialists tel : 01274 392177 | Email: mail@harrissolicitors.org.uk Visit our website: www.harrissolicito s.org.uk 39 Infirmary Street,Bradford,WestYorkshire,BD1 3SF,DX 11721Bradford

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