Yorkshire & the Humber Enterprise Awards 2018

10 SME NEWS / Yorkshire &Humble Enterprise Awards 2018 , DroneDefencehelpsorganisationsof all sizes toprepareandprotect themselves fromtheemerging threat of criminal activity using this new technology. Richard Gill provides us with a fascinating insight into the firm’s work and how it supports clients. Leading Providers of Drone Defence Solutions 2018 - UK With vast experience working with drones, the team at Drone Defence believe that drone technology is going to change the way that people view, interact with and, eventually, move around the world. Richard explores the firm’s service offering in more detail and discusses the importance his firm’s work for both individuals and authorities. “At Drone Defence, the reason why we do what we do is that we believe that drones are going to change the way we view, interact with and eventually move goods and people around our planet. However, we have recognised the risk that the same technology is being used by reckless, ignorant, criminal and terrorist users to invade privacy, steal secrets, disrupt events and airports, smuggle drugs into prisons and drone have even been weaponised by terrorists on the battlefield. “By preventing drone misuse, we enable the advancement of the industry and provide a viable and safe security solution. Our mission Is to protect organisations of all sizes from the harmful use of commercial drone technology. We have developed proprietary technology, tactics, Drone Defence YOR18009 Company: Drone Defence Contact: Richard Gill Phone: 0 843 289 2805 Website: www.dronedefence.co.uk techniques and procedures to do this. We help shape legislation and act as a lighthouse business in the emerging drone sector. Without us the authorities would have no choice regulate access to drones and this would have a damaging effect on the development of the industry.” Going forward, the drone technology market is set to grow exponentially and offer Drone Defence a myriad of opportunities, as Richard is keen to showcase. “Drone technology will continue to evolve, and more drones will be seen in our skies. PwC forecast that the commercial drone industry will be worth over £42bn per annum to the UK economy by 2030, it will employ more than 600,000 people and about 80,000 commercial drones will take to our skies daily. The impact is going to be huge across the UK and our region could position itself to take its share of this opportunity. “To take advantage of these opportunities, Drone Defence continues to work hard to differentiate itself and highlight our unique talents. We are unique by the fact that we are staffed by ex- forces personnel who understand what our clients need when it comes to protection. We have the best and most versatile technology to defeat drones and finally we are drone technology experts with years of commercial experience. As we understand the threat, the client’s need and have the best technology to protect our clients we are uniquely placed.” Overall, as drone use grows around the world Drone Defence is quickly establishing itself as the company to watch in this burgeoning space, as Richard proudly concludes. “Currently, we are focusing on supporting clients overseas until there are legislative changes in the UK. Once this happens we hope to be able to offer our services to organisations across the region. We have some world- changing projects underway which we are looking forward to sharing with our clients in more detail over the years ahead.”

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