Yorkshire & the Humber Enterprise Awards 2018

SME NEWS / Yorkshire &Humble Enterprise Awards 2018 13 , With over 13 years’ combined experience in the professional and student rental sectors, Go Haven Lettings provides its clients with a cost-effective and professional letting, management andmaintenance service in theHuddersfield area.ManagingDirector, NasimPatel provides us with an overview of the company and the services it provides in this vital sector. Best Student Lettings Agency - Huddersfield Go Haven is focused on helping students and professionals find quality accommodation for rent. Nasim explores the services the firm offers and how it works to support its students and help them find safe, affordable accommodation that meets their needs. “Students are often living away from home for the very first time, which can be a pretty scary ordeal for them. Our goal is to make the transition from home life to student life as simple and as easy as possible. Our students feel safe and parents feel re- assured they’re making the right decision; and of course, it helps that our team is on hand to help assist them through this process and to resolve any issues as quickly as we possibly can. “At Go Haven, our business model enables us to help landlords rent out their properties with minimal voids and without the stress of managing or maintaining them. Our primary focus is on helping students and professionals feel confident when making the decision to rent. From helping students find the home that’s right for them, through to dealing with the signing up process and even helping students survive the ups and downs of University life, we try and ensure that our students have an easy and productive stay with us.” Alongside supporting students, the firm also provides its landlords with the service they need, as Nasim comments. “Alongside the students we support, our landlords also love how we completely take the stress of letting, managing and maintaining their properties off their hands. Landlords feel confident in allowing us to let and/or manage their properties, which is why when they sign up with us, year on year they stay with us.” It is this commitment to providing a high-quality service that sets the firm apart, as Nasim is keen to showcase. “What differentiates us from our competitors is the attention to detail and excellence in providing an end-to-end service. We take care of the little things so both students and landlords feel happy and confident they’re Go Haven YOR18023 Company: Go Haven Contact: Nasim Patel Address: 100 Westbourne Road, Marsh, Huddersfield, HD1 4LF, UK Phone: 01484 544300 Web Address: www.gohaven.com making the right decision. We help students with additional, practical advice for living in Huddersfield, so students feel as if someone has their back. We like to think of ourselves as being like their trusted advisor during their academic adventures.” This supportive focus extends beyond clients and into the firm’s team, who enjoy a supportive internal culture. Nasim outlines this in detail and shares how he works to make every member of the team feel supported and able to offer the highest possible quality of service to Go Haven’s clients. “Internally, our office culture is like that of family. We aim to ensure the team is happy and productive and that there are plenty of opportunities for growth and personal development. I fundamentally believe that a team that trusts is a team that triumphs. We have procedures in place to ensure that our team has regular reviews and so that problems and issues can be dealt with quickly. My team feel at ease knowing they can come to me if they have any problems and are reassured knowing I am here to help them grow.” With regards to the future, Nasim foresees even greater success for Go Haven, as she is proud to conclude. “Looking forward, there is even more development taking place in our region, meaning it will continue to attract even more students here. We’re positive about the future because we’ve got an awesome team and a fantastic work ethos. Our aim is to continue to develop our business and give our clients an even better level of service than we’re currently doing right now. Keeping our clients happy is fundamental to our success, and as such at Go Haven we will continue to put them first in our business over the years to come.”

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