Yorkshire & the Humber Enterprise Awards 2018

SME NEWS / Yorkshire &Humble Enterprise Awards 2018 5 Prosperis Limited g bombarding them with information they cannot understand or use. Prosperis firmly believes in engaging with clients at a level they can gain the most from, rather than over complicating the solution, as, in many cases, the simplest solution is the one that fits most, most of the time. By minimising jargon and providing as much or as little access to staff as a client may need, Prosperis is able to provide clients with the highest possible quality of support and service which meets their exact requirements. This approach has served the company well, and today it leads the competitive financial advice market. In Yorkshire and Harrogate especially, there is a high demand for these services, with many new firms entering the market on a regular basis. What sets Prosperis apart from these other companies is its exceptional level of client service. By working closely with the client to understand their long-term goals and support them to achieve these, the company is able to retain its client base and enhance this year-on-year. Within the financial advice market currently, there are a lot of regulations and changes impacting Prosperis and its clients. Recently, the Regulator has taken steps to look at the many transfers out of final salary pension schemes and tightened up the already strict processes involved. Prosperis believes this is good practice but many firms have fallen foul of these rules and advice is likely to suffer as a result. However, thanks to its committed staff and their hard work and innovation, Prosperis has managed to support its clients through this development and it will continue to adapt and remain at the forefront of the latest industry developments moving forward. For corporate clients, Prosperis offers a bespoke service in a number of complex fields. Led by David Carrington, Corporate Development Director, Prosperis provides specialist advice to corporate clients on, for example, auto enrolment and on-going pension scheme governance. Assisting David in the delivery of group risk and employee benefits, Kathryn Bastow and Terry Mansell manage these services for clients David Carrington - Corporate Development Director: Prosperis

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