Judopay- Best eCommerce Payment Solutions Provider 2019, UK


Offering payment technologies designed for the mobile age, Judopay works with companies disrupting their market and helps them to change the way their clients pay. We profile the firm to gain an insight into how it is creating a revolution within the eCommerce market through its creative service offering.

With consumers increasingly embracing technology and keen to enjoy the benefits of having every service available at the touch of a button through their phones, service providers are having to adapt in order to survive and thrive in this new market.

One particular focus in this space is on online payment solutions. Clients are seeking technology that will enable them to make faster, easier payments, whilst at the same time remain completely safe and secure.

For businesses, the issue of cart abandonment, where consumers decide not to purchase their products, is a key challenge. Currently, 69% of consumers leave their online shopping cart without purchasing the goods they have selected. As the UK moves further towards becoming a cashless society, with cash withdrawals falling by 8.7% in the first quarter of 2019 and countries such as Sweden already proving that this is a viable option, digital payment solutions are an increasing focus for everyone in the market.

Revolutionary firm Judopay is working to cater to the payment demands of its customers and their service users, thanks to its innovative solutions and cutting-edge technology.

Supporting clients in both traditional and newly established markets, Judopay provides the best checkout experience across online, in-app and mobile, resulting in a significant decline in cart abandonment and fraud, and therefore a rise in sales for the firm’s customers.

As testimony to the innovative, cutting-edge solutions it has to offer, over the years Judopay has worked with a range of market leaders and household names, including KFC, Youngs, Yoyo, JustPark, Air Business, the App Business, Tempcover, iCabbi, Autocab and Pepper.

Looking ahead, Judopay remains committed to delivering simply the best mobile payments experience for its clients and their service users. As part of this focus, the firm will be undertaking a wide range of projects throughout 2019, including becoming a partner with MasterCard for the Pay by Bank Solution. This development and the many others the firm has on the horizon will help it to create the payment services that its clients have come to expect and rely on.