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Bobble Digital, winner of the Best Digital Marketing Agency award 2021, is a Digital Marketing Agency in Leeds providing essential media services from Strategy, PPC and SEO to Social Media, Video and Analytics. Bobble Digital develops digital marketing strategies and ensures it can deliver results through carefully selected digital channels using its agile methodology.  

Bobble Digital is an Agile Digital Marketing agency in Leeds that specialises in Digital Marketing Strategies, PPC, SEO, Paid Social, Video Advertising, Analytics and Podcasting. Bobble’s values are what makes the company different. It promises clients Strategy Digital Growth and is data-driven, working closely with clients to create valuable relationships and challenging them on what they should and shouldn’t do. Bobble often states, ’If it works for our clients, then it works for us.’ Bobble specialises in working with Digital Tech companies, such as Pomanda, PureClarity, and Panintelligance, helping to attract new business and customers through its strategic approach. Additionally, Bobble has several e-commerce clients who can deliver 10 to 20x ROI through its partner software.

The company’s values have not changed since the beginning, and Strategic Digital Growth has been at the heart of everything it does. From that, it has developed its methodology of being an Agile Digital Agency. There can be no growth without a strategy. After identifying the core audience and understanding their digital behaviours, Bobble can plan a bespoke and fully coherent campaign around this information. Through data-driven research, it can establish the best way to engage with target audiences – whether that’s through digital display advertising, mainly social media channels, Google, or video. Its clear focus on measurable results defines every aspect of its business and purpose. Bobble provides clients with data and graphics to make the impact of work done clear to see. Its process has led Bobble to win clients where it runs international and national campaigns across its services.

Additionally, Bobble works with online e-commerce clients, helping them drive more online sales and acquire new customers with some of its clients, including Comfy Homes, Sonno Beds, Maycroft Lloyd Loom and Nightingale PPE. Bobble also works with several national B2B service clients like healthcare firms, law firms and accountancy firms. Some honourable mentions include Henton’s Accountants, Langleys Solicitors and Topwood LTD.

The way Bobble works is that it educates its clients. Therefore, it offers a Free Digital Marketing Strategy, as it helps showcase how businesses rank online against their core competitors to view how big or small the gap is. Bobble identifies clients’ core customer audience behaviours using its partner data platforms, knowing precisely what their customers are doing online, which digital platforms they are using, and when and what content they consume. This helps create a bespoke digital strategy and recommendation for clients who need to achieve better results online – a very data-focused approach.

At Bobble, it has its methodology called PIER (Plan, Implement, Evaluate and Repeat). It’s the basic methodology on which it is able to build its foundations as an Agile Agency. Once Bobble has a strategy in place, it can plan and implement its channel recommendation and evaluate the results. From its initial findings, Bobble then repeats the process but continuing with what it has learned.

The staff at Bobble is the key to success for the firm. The recent Covid-19 pandemic has enabled more flexibility with its staff and now offers flexibility working from home and with office hours. Bobble works as a team, with each member believing in the promise of Strategic Digital Growth as the value and mission at Bobble. Qualities that the firm looks for are beyond skill sets, as it seeks characteristics in new talent, what drives a person, their passions, and their ambitions in life. Skills can be taught, but essential factors are essential within the workplace.

The internal culture of Bobble is stated to be ‘Work Hard Play Hard’ as it is strongly believed that staff should explore new activities, learn new hobbies and skills outside of the industry. Additionally, Bobble has weekly social catchups and monthly events. It is understood that the spirit within the firm is of support and well-being, as it naturally drives up productivity.

However, the current challenge Bobble faces as a business is that it is growing fast. This year alone, Bobble has added four new staff members and managing the growth and making it sustainable in an industry where the digital opportunities are buoyant is a challenge on its own. Additionally, keeping up to date with the ever-changing digital landscape has proven difficult, but fortunately, Bobble has been able to stay ahead of the curve.

COVID-19 was a challenging period for Bobble as a small agency as some of its clients folded or took rash decisions to pause all activities. As a result, Bobble saw slowed development but remains proud of its growth a year on with record-breaking quarters since Q3 2020. A primary benefit for Bobble was that businesses were turning to digital solutions and strategies, and the fact that it offered a Free Digital Marketing Strategy helped pitch to several new clients.

Currently, Bobble is on course to increase its revenue four times compared to 2020, and it plans to achieve a five-fold increase by the end of 2021. Moreover, it aims to attract an additional four members over the next few months to help support the rapid growth that Bobble is continually seeing. Beyond 2022, It is looking overseas to other continents to establish itself as an international agency and increase its exceptional offering to clients worldwide.

For business enquiries, contact Bubble via:
Web Address: www.bobbledigital.com
Contact Email: [email protected]
Address: Suite 19-20, The Tannery, 91 Kirkstall Road, Leeds, LS3 1HS
Contact Number: +44 (0113) 511 7827

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