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For all film, game, and music lovers there’s a show-stopping home cinema system that will fulfil every dream. Zebra Home Cinema has recently been awarded with Best Home Cinema Installations Company, 2021 – Birmingham. We look to Zebra to see what it is doing to change the way film, games, and music is experienced at home.

Zebra Home Cinema is a multi-award-winning business that delivers the extraordinary straight to your home. Over the past couple of years, Zebra has been building a name for itself through its magical nature. It shares all things astonishing with its customers and does this by providing only the best technology.

Founded by Managing Director Dr Atif Ghaffar, Zebra is led by a passionate individual who has a lot of pride for what he does in the industry. He is a Managing Director, GP, DJ and father who has a desire to direct his passion into all of the work that he does. Atif tells us, “I’ve been in the medical profession since 2002 but, during my downtime, music and film have always been my passions. I love to watch movies with my family and friends, indulge myself with intense TV dramas and really enjoy listening to music as well as DJing as a hobby.”

With such an avid lover of music, film, and TV at its helm, Zebra is able to empathise with its customers’ needs when it comes to their home cinema and sound systems. “For the last twenty years, I’ve been researching, auditioning, and buying the best Hi-Fi and home cinema systems that I could afford,” he adds.

With this dedication and persistence in his “pursuit of excellence”, Atif has found brands that he particularly loves. For example, Miller and Kreisel Speakers, Lyngdorf Audio Electronics, and Steinway Lyngdorf Digital Audio systems are heavily used in Zebra creations. This is so that customers get only the best technology in the industry.

All television and stream viewing are meant to be immersive experiences that can capture and inspire each viewer. Now, with Zebra, you can enjoy your favourite tracks, films, and series in style. Due to its appreciation for the production of visual effects and sound, Zebra decided to reinvent the way we experience films.

It offers the chance to enjoy films in a way that can only usually be experienced at the cinema. However, even in a cinema screening, there are still plenty of distractions and disturbances which mean that movies may not be enjoyed to their full potential. This is where Zebra comes in. By inviting the cinema into your own home, you can enjoy all that every film has to offer with less distractions.

All of Zebra’s audio system designs can be customised so that they fit in with any home décor, and they are especially powerful even without the need for any acoustic treatment. For music lovers everywhere, Zebra has produced a sound system that will leave you wanting to listen for longer. Its systems are completely unique due to its cleverly designed loudspeakers that are now more affordable and compact than ever. By focusing its efforts on the quality whilst keeping the costs low, Zebra is giving its customers the chance to purchase something long-lasting that is affordable and, most importantly, satisfying.

Gamers will be extremely happy to find Zebra due to its revolutionary, high-definition, affordable, and reliable products and services. Not only can you stream everything you wish, but you can enjoy all of your favourite games in style. Gaming technology has evolved with the times, and Zebra is delivering the technology to support the stunning 4K resolution, awe-inspiring colour, and brilliant brightness. Combined with its Dolby Atmos and DTS-X audio, every experience can be truly treasured.

Since its inception, Zebra has worked on some particularly interesting projects, such as The Steinway Lodge Entertainment Room which was equipped with a powerful home cinema system. This stunning Georgian building was converted into a serene and peaceful retreat for relaxation and enjoyment. The client already owned a high-quality turntable and speakers, which he wished to incorporate into the design and layout of the new sound system. By installing exceptional sound processors and extra speakers, Zebra was able to satisfy his desire for crystal clear sound, alongside the exceptional equipment installed for top-quality movie viewing.

Another project that it has worked on is a home cinema loft conversion where the homeowners created a specialist loft conversion for two spaces. The home office/library was situated next to the home cinema. This was an open plan area with a central dividing space that was used to prepare drinks. By integrating its exceptional system into the lavish loft, it formed a sleek overall style that compliments the décor preferences of the clients.

Throughout the pandemic, and during multiple lockdowns, people have been watching films and television more than ever. Zebra has been able to expand its client base due to the high demand for home cinema systems, and it has responded to their needs in a professional yet down-to-earth way.

Its systems range anywhere from £3,000 to £300,000, with home cinemas starting from £10,000. There really is something for everyone to purchase and enjoy in their own homes. These systems are all complimented by RoomPerfect sound systems, one of Zebra’s premier brands, for a stunning overall sound that picks up all notes and bass in its flawless fashion.

Every project that Zebra takes on mimics the style of the client, so that they may have something that complements their personalities. It is this bonus feature that really differentiates Zebra from the rest. All that it does is about quality for the customer. After all, the whole company has been built with viewing and listening pleasure in mind.

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