Meet the Fitness YouTubers Cashing in more than $800K a Month


With the potential to earn up to $3million playing video games, it’s no surprise people are turning to digital media to make a living.


So what about fitness? How much can the world’s biggest fitness personalities earn online? ran the top 20 fitness YouTubers* through’s YouTube Revenue calculator, to determine their potential monthly revenue from advertisements and merchandise.**


Who earns the most?

With the potential to earn a staggering $816,037.50 a month, first place goes to French bodybuilder Tibo InShape. The star undertakes extreme fitness challenges alongside traditional workout videos. Interestingly, Tibo Inshape earns nearly double the amount as second place Athlean-X, despite his subscriber count being lower.

In second place is the USA’s Athlean-X. Real name Jeff Cavaliere, he once was the New York Mets’ physical therapist and assistant strength coach and earns a whopping $440,405 a month through his YouTube channel. And although he ranks second for monthly earnings, he outshines all other YouTuber’s with a staggering 8.5million subscribers.

In third, fourth, and fifth place are:

Calisthenicmovement – The German personal trainer duo earn a substantial $290,051 a month.

The Fitness Marshall – Caleb Marshall’s hit dance cardio classes gain $209, 296 a month.

Bodybuilding Workout Routine and Diet Planning – This online gym coach hails from India and rakes in $139,811.50 a month.


Here are the top 20 earning fitness YouTubers from around the world:


the top 20 earning fitness YouTubers from around the world


*The top 20 YouTubers were selected following thorough research and consideration of criteria like subscriber numbers, social media influence and more.

*YouTube accounts belonging to retailers, corporations or brands have been removed from this study to avoid anomalous results.

**Data was obtained on 25/09/19. Sellfy calculates potential earnings in two ways: Adsense revenue based on a channel’s CPM (how much an advertiser pays for 1000 views of their ad); and estimated earnings from selling merchandise, using data from Sellfy’s e-commerce platform.

Susannah Griffin